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File Issues and Support

We have been using Quickbooks for over 10 years and up until recently have never had any issues with the software or support, however over the past couple of months the service from your company is not acceptable.


A couple of months back we had issues connecting to our company file. I was told by the support person that our file was too large and we needed to purchase additional space. We use QB Desktop, and our file has pretty much remained at a consistent size for at least the past 5 years without any size issues. Nevertheless we had no choice and no solution was offered to rectify the problem, hence we purchased additional space for $1200 US!


I thought this would solve any further issues but now we have run into a problem with file corruption? After speaking with a support person regarding a error window which was popping up on one screen, and not the other users, I was told the company file has been corrupted? First of all, why only one user out of the five users is showing this error and why is your software corrupting our file...apparently?


The solution offered by support was to now purchase "additional" support on top of the support we pay for so they can fix the file? No other solution was offered and we need to pay at least $899.00 to get the package or they can't fix anything. I asked why the other users are not having the same error and was told its just a matter of time. This is completely unacceptable!


We had an issue with a corrupt data file several years ago and we just sent in the file and you fixed it, no problem and no "extra" charge, why now are we offered a solution which will cost over $900.00 just to "fix" the file?


I don't buy any of this, it seems as though the first option your support offers is to purchase additional support or whatever to get the "support" we pay for already.

Our four other systems are operating QB with no issues, only this one system, so this is highly suspect.


After this recent interaction with your support I highly doubt we needed the extra space we recently purchased and secondly I don't believe we need to purchase additional support just to fix an issue caused by your own software.




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QuickBooks Team

File Issues and Support

Hello Tony10221,


Welcome to the Community. I see you've invested the majority of you time with the issue you've described and it's important you get the help you need so you can continue to manage your business with peace of mind. I'll be happy to help share more info so you're on the right track with your work.


Based on the details you've shared above, I recommend troubleshooting the corrupt file issue using the QuickBooks Tool Hub. The QuickBooks Tool Hub is designed to help fix issues and errors in QuickBooks. Check out this article here that shows you how to effectively use the Tool Hub to your advantage. You're more than welcome to reach back to me in case you have questions while going through the article.


In case this issue persists, I encourage you to contact our support team so they can take a closer look at your account and assist you further. You can also reach out to our support team by dialing 1-833-317-2226. One of our specialists will be happy to assist you by sharing your screen and help you navigate the program. To find out more about our hours and other contact methods, please follow this link here. Feel free to keep me posted on how you make out, I'll be one message away in case you need anything else. 

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File Issues and Support


I thought this would solve any further issues but now we have run into a problem with file corruption?


What error message did you see? Click on the camera icon on the menu to insert image here.

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