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How to set up departments in qb?

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How to set up departments in qb?

Hey sree4,


I'm happy to see you're looking to more effectively categorize your books. QuickBooks Online has a few features available to help you separate your income and expenses by department, allowing you to easily run and compare reports. Most notably, ClassesLocation, and Projects can be used for this purpose. I'll be happy to go over the various benefits of these powerful features, and assist you in setting these up.


These advanced features are currently included in QuickBooks Online Plus. Here's a brief overview of each: 

  • Classes allow you to easily categorize your transactions beyond the standard account selection. You can easily run reports individually to drill down into a specific department.
  • Using Locations, you can track your transactions based on location. This helps provide insight into the profitability of each one.
  • Projects are similar to sub-customers, allowing you to easily categorize income and expenses into a specific job.

Based on your description, I think the Classes function suits your needs best. You can easily activate it in a few simple steps:

  1. Click on the Gear icon and select Account and Settings
  2. Select the Advanced tab and enable Track classes in the Categories section.
  3. Choose an option in the Assign classes drop-down based on how much details you need.
  4. Click Save then Done

Depending on your selection under the Assign classes option, you're now all set to select classes on all your transactions! You can view and manage your class list from the following section: 

  1. Head to your Gear icon and click on All lists.
  2. Select Classes

Here's a handful of awesome articles to help you out:

Don't hesitate to ask me any other questions.

Level 1

How to set up departments in qb?

I wanted to  have a different type of solution that is how to create a  department called sales department , procurement  department in quick book .Also need to know how to enter the same while entering a transaction for example , if i enter a transaction say electricity charges that has to be assigned for  sales department how do i enter the transaction of electricity charges in sales department .

Kindly give me the solution as soon as possible .

The way quick book online has given the sample is not working for me as it fails in my way case.I want the transaction to be like this assign electricity charges to sales department . Thanks in advance