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Importing Mileage Not Working


I want to bulk import my mileage but I am getting the following error:


Uh-oh, looks like we ran into some trouble importing this file. Http failure response for 400 OK. Correct it and try again.


MileIQ doesn't export an CSV for Canada, only XLS, and converting XLS to CSV directly isn't working either.  Can someone advise what fields are needed to successfully import?  A template would be even better.


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QuickBooks Team

Importing Mileage Not Working

Hi there,


It's important you're able to import your mileage so you can focus on what matters the most to you. I'd like to steer you in the right direction so this issue gets fixed ASAP. In order for this to happen, I recommned reaching out to our QuickBooks Self-Employed support team using this link here


Once you open the link, make sure to select the QuickBooks Self-Employed option and you'll be able to send a message to one of our experts that'll be happy to give you hand. In the meantime, let me know if you have questions. I'm here to help. Otherwise, enjoy the rest of your week! :)

Level 1

Importing Mileage Not Working

I have this same problem. I have found multiple questions to Quickbooks regarding this & it seems to have not been answered anywhere. This is troubling to say the least.

Rebecca R
QuickBooks Team

Importing Mileage Not Working

Hi there markmag_07,


Keeping track of your mileage is a crucial task for many businesses. Fortunately, QuickBooks Self-Employed makes tracking your mileage an easy process - all you have to do is turn on the app and QuickBooks takes care of the rest. I can see how in some scenarios it's necessary to import your mileage that has been tracked elsewhere, so let me point you in the right direction to get the information you need.


If you're using MileIQ to track your mileage, you'll find the option to Import MileIQ trips from the dropdown button on the Trips page. This requires having a .CSV file. The original poster indicated that MileIQ only exports XLS files, but it's easy to convert these file types. A simple Google search with a phrase such as "convert XLS to CSV" should point you in the direction of a variety of webpages that can do this for you. This article goes over some more information on the process of moving your mileage data from MileIQ to QuickBooks: Switch from MileIQ to QuickBooks Self-Employed.


If necessary, you also have the option to Manually track mileage in QuickBooks Self-Employed, which is a way of entering the trip yourself. The article I've just linked goes over how to do this on a variety of different devices, so please check it out to learn more.


If you haven't had the chance to test out the automatic mileage tracking feature in QuickBooks Self-Employed, now would be the time to take it for a spin. All you need to is turn on mileage tracking, add your vehicle, and take your mobile device with you with the QuickBooks Self-Employed app open when you start driving. That's all there is to it! You won't need to worry about converting files and importing data. 


If the information I've shared doesn't quite hit the mark, the next step to figuring out the best way to import your mileage data, is to Contact QuickBooks Self-Employed Support. Once connected via chat, they'll help you troubleshoot the issues you're experiencing. You'll be back to doing what you love in no time!


Enjoy your evening.

Level 1

Importing Mileage Not Working

Boo! Not helpful at all. Quick Books has a feature that's not working. Please supply adequate support for the software we pay for.

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