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I am starting a new project: re-recording all the transactions from a few past years into a new QB account.

Shall I implement first the new chart of accounts or import all the transactions and change the chart after?

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QuickBooks Team


Hey there Gabriel9,


Thanks for reaching out to us here. Thank you for contacting us here. Ensuring that you record your transactions correctly is an essential step in maintaining clean books. I would be happy to provide some information.

To ensure the accuracy of your books, I recommend that you contact an accounting professional for expert advice. They will be able to point you in the right direction so that your accounts can end up with the correct balance. Having an accountant can be beneficial for you and your business. You can add your accountant to your books by going to the My Accountant tab in your QuickBooks account. You can also find an accountant who has experience with QuickBooks near you by clicking the Find a professional to help you option in this section.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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Hi Amanda,


Thank you for the reply, but exactly this is apart of the problem: we had 4 different accountants dealing with this and the result is 4 different kind of mess.


Anybody, other ideas?

QuickBooks Team


Hi Gabriel9,


Thanks for getting back to us here.  Due to the previous experiences you've mentioned, I would suggest opening your new QuickBooks Online account first.  The chart of accounts will be automatically created in accordance to your business.  Once the account has been set up, you can add to, or edit the chart of accounts as you feel necessary.  This will help minimize duplicate accounts and keep your books clean and organized.  When you're ready, you can simply import your data and get back to business in a timely fashion.


Here are a couple of helpful articles;

Enter an opening balance in QuickBooks Online

What to do if you didn't add an opening balance

How to reconcile an account


Should you require additional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.  With your consent, a member of our Customer Care team will have the ability to work with you personally, and ensure you're able to accomplish your goals as soon as possible!


Schedule a Callback or start a Chat: click (?) Help in the upper right in QuickBooks Online > enter "Contact support" > hit Contact Us > provide a brief summary of your situation > hit Let's Talk > choose Get a callback or Start a Chat.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Support hours are from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET.


Feel free to reach out again, if any other questions come to mind.  We're here for you!


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Consider buying a 3rd party migration service instead.

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