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Level 2

Printing customized templates

Hello, I am trying to print estimates and invoices using a customized template however the RHS and bottom of my logo get cut off. The templates used to work fine at the beginning of the year now this problem has started. I have down loaded the QB tool Hub and followed the process in there and no joy. I have also done all the MS updates and rebooted the computer several times just to make sure all the updates have applied.


I know this isn't the end of the world but it just doesn't look professional when your logo is all messed up. Anyone ran into this before or have any suggestions please.

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Level 2

Printing customized templates

A quick update to this I also can't print to PDF anymore. I was able to do that before as well. I also can't email my any estimates or invoices. Just found this out as I was trying options to see if the logo printed ok

QuickBooks Team

Printing customized templates

Hi there,


Thanks for joining us here. It's important you get the help you need with QuickBooks. Rest assured, I'll be happy to steer you in the right direction so you're on the right direction with achieving your goals.


According to what you've shared above, I see you benefiting more by contacting our support team outside of the Community. This ensures that your account info remains private and secure. A specialist will also be able to share your screen and help you further with this. You can reach out to our support team by dialing 1-833-317-2226. To find out more about our hours and other contact methods, please follow this link here: Intuit QuickBooks Desktop software support policies.


Feel free to keep me posted on how you make out. I'll be one message away in case you need anything else.

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