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barcode scanner

recently purchased quickbooks desktop pro 2020 and trying to set up my barcode scanner (metrologic ms9450 scanner) i have tried to enable the avancd inventory settings but the box is grey and wont allow me to click it PLEASE HELP!!
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QuickBooks Team

barcode scanner

Hi there, 


With Advanced Inventory, you can take advantage of barcode scanning to save yourself so much time and effort with your data entry. I know how important it is to turn Advanced Inventory on prior to setting up your barcode scanner, and I'd be happy to point you in the right direction for help if you're noticing the option is greyed out. 


If the box to select Advanced Inventory is greyed out and won't allow you to select it, you may not have it as part of your current subscription. Don't worry, our tech support team can confirm whether or not you have Advanced Inventory, or advise you on how to activate it. I'd recommend reaching out to an agent directly so they can pull up your account information to find out about that. 

Once Advanced Inventory is turned on, you can follow the steps listed here to set up barcode scanning in your account: Set up and use barcode scanning in QuickBooks Desktop. As explained in this article, there's a few things to keep in mind when setting up barcode scanning. You'll want to confirm that your scanner is compatible. You should also note that the Warehouse Manager App and sales order fulfillment worksheet require a different type of scanner

All the information you need should be right at your fingertips in the helpful resources above. 

I hope this helps get you back on track. 

Have a wonderful week.

Level 1

barcode scanner

Can I setup barcodes in a company test? we are not currently using barcodes in qb enterprise desktop canadian version and I would like to try out this feature

QuickBooks Team

barcode scanner

Hello Chantalrich,


Trying a feature in a QuickBooks Desktop sample company before adding it in your own company file is the perfect way to make sure it'll work the way you need without worrying about impacting your books. It's awesome that you've got QuickBooks Enterprise Canada, and I hope that this powerful version of the program is meeting your business bookkeeping needs so far. I'd be delighted to go over this with you.


The barcode option in QuickBooks Enterprise is available when you have the Advanced Inventory add-on with your subscription. This means, if you've already got that as a part of your subscription, you can test out the barcodes feature in a sample file as well. You can open a sample file from the No Company Open window that pops up when you launch or close your company file in the program. 


Whether you have your own barcodes already or would like QuickBooks to generate some for you, the barcode wizard will get you going with using them in the software. This article can walk you through how the feature works: Set up and use barcode scanning in QuickBooks Desktop


If you don't already have the Advanced Inventory add-on, check out the QuickBooks Enterprise page on our website to learn about pricing and how you can get in touch with a sales agent who can help you get set up: QuickBooks Enterprise


Feel free to reach out again if you have more questions. :)

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