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QuickBooks Team

Chat with someone

I'm here to help, dcollin.


The QuickBooks Community is an open forum. Everyone can post a question and answer other queries, too. You can ask any QuickBooks related question cause we are here to help. 


If you'd like to contact with our live agents, go to the Help icon and click Contact us. Enter a keyword or question about your concern and click Let's talk. Select a way to connect with our live support. 


Please know that you're always welcome to post in QuickBooks Community if you have any concerns. Have a good day ahead!

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Chat with someone

Hi.  I am trying to import my Quicken home & business 2018 to Quickbooks self employment.  Please help


QuickBooks Team

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Hello there, @gvangroningen.


I've got the help that you need with importing your Quicken data to QuickBooks Self-Employed.


At this time, importing a Quicken file directly to QuickBooks Self-Employed isn't an option to us. You'll need to turn your Quicken file into a .CSV file first, to make the import process possible.


During the conversion, you'll need to make sure all amounts are correct, and there are no duplicates and blank lines to avoid interruptions.


To import your file:

  1. Select the Gear icon at the top.
  2. Select Imports.
  3. Select Import older transactions on the right for the account you want the transactions to belong to.
  4. Follow the instructions onscreen to finish importing your data.
  5. Select Import.

You may also see this article to give you more details about the processImport transactions from other sources.


If you need further assistance importing the transactions, just leave a reply below and we'll take it from there. Have a great weekend!

Mike S1
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Card won't go through due to Canadian postal code

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I cannot enter a postal code in T1 - nothing happens when I type into the field.

QuickBooks Team

Chat with someone

Hello Jacquiemountford. Thanks for connecting with us here. I'll be happy to help you enter the postal code so you can get back to doing what you love. Could I have you try to enter the postal code using a private/incognito window on your browser? Let me know how you make out. 

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