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Read/View Only Access


I run a regulated private company that is required to be audited annually by an independent auditor (we use KPMG).

Our auditor has requested read only/view only access to our QBO account.  I have no problem at all granting that access.

Please note I do not want to give them "Accountant" access.  They cannot, due to their position as an independent auditor, have any sort of access that would allow them to post or change any data at all.

However, they need to be able to see all aspects of our entire account with no restrictions.

Can you tell me how I could go about granting this access?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Read/View Only Access



I can see why you'd like KPMG (the independent auditor) to have read-only access to your QuickBooks Online account. It's important that they're able to see all of your information without being able to make any changes in the account. 


Protecting your sensitive company information is the goal for you today.  QuickBooks Online has many options for setting up custom user access, limiting each user to what he or she can view and change. I recommend setting up KPMG as a Reports Only user (read-only access). These users have read-only access to all reports (except Audit Log and Payroll Reports). They can create a group of reports, memorize a report, and drill down as far as transaction reports. They don't have the ability to view the actual transaction. This user is only available in QuickBooks Online Plus.


Here's an article that will walk you through all the different options for user types and permissions: 


To set up a customer user, click the Gear icon > Manage Users > Add User > Reports Only


If you have any other questions, please let me know. 

Have a great day.