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Reimbursed Expense from 3rd party

I'm a Real Estate Agent and will be sharing expenses with another agent.  If I pay a supplier the full invoice.  How do I handle it when the other agent reimburses me for half of the expense I have already paid.  For Example.  We set up a website.  I paid the website vender $800 for services.  The other agent reimburses me $400 after I have paid the vendor.  The $400 should be credited to my website expense account.  How do I do this in quickbooks?

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Reimbursed Expense from 3rd party

Hey Tom,


Thanks for visiting the QuickBooks Community for Canada.


When you need to pay for an expense, you can enter bills and enter the purchased data. Then you can pay the bill in full to show the payment you processed. See this link to learn more about the billing workflow: Enter bills and record bill payments in QuickBooks Online


If you receive the payment from your partner, create a bank deposit to increase the bank balance. You can also use a journal entry to increase your bank balance and post the payment towards the expense account.


We wanted to make sure everything is accounted for correctly, so your financial reports are accurate. Since this issue requires in-depth accounting processes, we do recommend that you reach out to an accounting professional. We can only provide the steps you need to do in QuickBooks, but handling your books is best assisted by your accountant.


If you don't have one, we can help you find someone to help you. You can visit the following link to locate accountants based in the Canada:


If you need further help, please let me know in the comment below. I'll be more than happy to share some more insights with any tasks in QuickBooks. Have a nice day!

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Reimbursed Expense from 3rd party

Thanks Jen

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