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Changing Column Width in Reports on screen



I want to widen the column in an onscreen report so that I can read more of the Memo field. 


I've searched and only found: "In order to change the columns size you just need to click and drag the three dots at the end of any columns name."  However, this is not working.  I remember that grabbing the 3 dots (cursor would change also) used to work but it doesn't now.  All that I can do is change the order of the columns via mouse. 


I see the 3 dots.  I can move columns around but I CANNOT change the column width.  Even reducing the number of columns does least I was hoping that the system would display the shown columns across the window but instead no widths change that way either.


Is this a bug?


Sure, a workaround is to export to Excel but that's not the result I'm looking for.





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QuickBooks Team

Changing Column Width in Reports on screen

Hello tpkleins,


Welcome to Community!  QuickBooks Desktop enables you to expand the columns on your reports, so you can view all of the elements.  I would be glad to help!


When you open the desired report, you can change the column width by hovering your mouse between the column headings and drag the scale width icon to the left or right.  Please feel free to submit a suggestion, if you would like to see additional options come available in future updates. 


If you have any other questions, touch base with us again.  We would be happy to assist!

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Changing Column Width in Reports on screen

Thanks Trish, but it only seems to work for some things.


It works on "Chart of Accounts"

It does not work on any Reports, even with "Customize Report" it would seem to me that a "custom" report should allow the choice of columns AND their width.


I'm running Desktop Pro 2017 and I was able to adjust column width on reports before last update.


QUESTION: Can you send me a link to a previous version or the number to call?


Alex M
QuickBooks Team

Changing Column Width in Reports on screen

Hi there tpkleins,


Thanks for trying that for your columns. For further assistance with errors editing column widths, I recommend reaching out to the support team outside of the Community. They'll be able to assist in helping you get your reports displayed correctly to print. You can reach them using the methods outlined in the QuickBooks Desktop software support policies.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out here.

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