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Two questions regarding A/R report in QBO:

1) Is it possible to produce an A/R report for a single customer instead of an A/R report that includes all customers' A/R.

2) Is it possible to create new field for invoice numbers on A/R report?

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QuickBooks Team


Hi Patrich,


Welcome to the QuickBooks Community. I'll be happy to share more info so you're on the right path with achieving your goals. The program is designed to help you streamline your work and I'll be glad to point you in the right direction. 


QuickBooks allows you to filter your reports by Customer. To do this, open the report in question > click on Customize > under Filter, select the customer in question in the Customer field > hit Run report. For reference, here's a helpful article that shows you how to: Customize reports. Just to confirm, are you looking to add another field on the invoice to the already existing custom fields? You can check out the customizable options available to you using this link here


Feel free to reach back to me in the comments below. I'll be on standby in case you need anything else. 



Level 1


Thanks for your quick response!  I see now how to filter a report for a single customer.  When it comes to adding a new field to a report, judging by the link you sent me, this is possible in Quickbooks for accountants.  I am not the accountant so perhaps can ask the accountant to do this.  Thanks!!


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