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My customers can’t open the detailed invoice. The view invoice button is not activated

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QuickBooks Team

My customers can’t open the detailed invoice. The view invoice button is not activated

Hi there tstokley,


Thanks for letting me know what's going on when your customers try to view the invoice details for transactions you're sending from QuickBooks Self-Employed. I know how vital it is that they have access to those details so there's clear communication between you two for what they're paying for. I've got some suggestions for you to share with your customers.


Typically when buttons aren't working either in QuickBooks itself, its emailed invoices, or even the invoice portal the customer uses to view the invoice, it can be chalked up to browser issues. QuickBooks Self-Employed works best with Chrome or Firefox browsers, so my first recommendation is to have your customers start by checking which browser they're using and switching to Chrome or Firefox if they're using something apart from those two.


If they're on a supported browser, the next steps I recommend are to have them clear the browser cache and to try a private browser. These two options ensure that cache issues aren't causing the problem with QuickBooks and its services doing what they need to do. The following article is tagged for QuickBooks Online, but it's the browser steps that I want to highlight here, as those don't change: Clear cache and cookies to fix issues. Feel free to share that article with your customers if they're not sure how to clear their cache.


To troubleshoot this further, connecting with our QuickBooks Self-Employed team outside of the QuickBooks Community is the way to go. The agent will be able to collect all the necessary details to determine what steps need to be taken to resolve this issue. Be sure to collect as many details from your customers beforehand so that you can share with the support team, and once you're ready, use these steps in your QuickBooks Self-Employed account to get in touch.

  1. Select the Assistant feature.
  2. Type and enter "talk to human."
  3. Follow the prompts to reach support.

Give the team a shout as soon as you have a moment. We've got your back!

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