Save time and effort with QuickBooks’ payments and invoicing features

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We know how time consuming it can be to keep track of all your clients’ invoices, bank statements and financial reports. QuickBooks’ payments and invoicing features can make this easier for you and your clients.

QuickBooks’ payments and invoicing features provide a fast, easy and secure way to streamline payments. You can create and send smart invoices that can be paid instantly, take direct debits and point of sale payments and everything’s received, recorded and reconciled in QuickBooks.

In this article we’ll explain how the QuickBooks payments features work, and how they can help your practice and your clients.

What’s in it for you and your practice?

QuickBooks’ Payments features save you from having to manually download your clients’ bank statements, transactions, invoices and expense receipts, as everything is connected and recorded within QuickBooks.

Not only this, QuickBooks’ Payments features are also useful for your practice. Our Payments options can help you streamline payments into your business by making it easy to keep track of your transactions with your clients, and by making sure you get paid safely and quickly.

The benefits for you are: 

  • Save hours of admin time as QuickBooks automatically matches and reconciles payments to invoices, so you can ensure your clients’ books are always balanced. 

  • Speed up the payment process by creating and sending invoices on the go, add a button for faster payment and send automatic reminders.

  • Allows you to be your client’s financial advisor as you can easily keep track of their financial records all in one place. 

  • Easily convert estimates into invoices. 

  • See at a glance which invoices are outstanding and which have been paid – in part or in full.

  • Protection and peace of mind - secure platforms take the risk out of online payments. There’s no need for clients to share your details.

The benefits for your practice are: 

  • Get paid two days faster on average with QuickBooks payments.

  • Our partnerships with PayPal, GoCardless and Zettle mean you have access to special accountant rates and discounts.  

  • Choose when you get paid (NET 0-30) and send automatic payment reminders for unpaid invoices.

  • Easily send invoices by autofilling customer information.

What’s in it for your clients?

Much like the benefits for your practice outlined above, the benefits of the QuickBooks Payments and Invoicing features for small businesses are the following:

  • Their customers have more ways to pay. They can settle up instantly by debit or credit card using the ‘pay’ button on their invoice, or by recurring Direct Debit or contactless point of sales options.

  • Make international payments using GoCardless and PayPal.

  • They can send invoices that get noticed -  create customised invoices in QuickBooks  featuring company logos and targeted promotions.

  • They can send invoices to customers easily by auto filling their information. They can also send follow up reminders for unpaid invoices and see at a glance which invoices are outstanding and which have been paid – in part or in full.

  • Our partners offer special rates for PayPal and discounted Zettle card readers for QuickBooks customers.

Be a valued business advisor

Help your clients spend less time on business admin and more on development thanks to QuickBooks cloud accounting.

The right solutions for your practice, and your client’s businesses

Our partnerships with PayPal, GoCardless and Zettle mean you and your clients can make fast secure payments with smart invoicing and more. Our partners cover recurring bills, point of sale purchases and online invoicing. Get paid 2x faster with payments on QuickBooks.

GoCardless - automatic invoice payments with direct debit

  • Control when you’ll get paid

  • Easy to set up

  • Easy authorisation for your clients’ customers, plus Direct Debit Guarantee protection

  • Perfect for recurring payments, including invoices, instalments & subscriptions

  • Low, capped, pay-per-transaction fees

  • Automatic reconciliation means less admin

PayPal - invoicing and card payments

  • Your clients can accept card payments

  • Special rates (from 1.45% +30p)

  • Their customers don't need a PayPal account

  • Auto-reconcile payments

  • Your clients only pay when they get paid

Zettle - contactless point of sale payments

  • Your clients can accept contactless card payments in person or by link

  • Discounted card reader for QuickBooks customers ( was £59 but now £19 for your clients, and £9 for accountants)

  • The smart alternative to cash

  • Add a link to your invoices

  • Easy to use

  • Automatic daily sales reports

  • Competitive rates

  • Lower feed available for qualified customers. Contact your QuickBooks account manager for details

To find out more about the benefits of our payments & invoicing features to your practice, transforming your clients’ and your payment process, boosting your cash flow and more, visit our payments page


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