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Getting paid is easy with QuickBooks and PayPal

Activate PayPal in QuickBooks and accept credit and debit card payments—your customers don’t need a PayPal account. Create invoices in an instant and give your customers an easy, secure way to pay.

Get paid quickly with PayPal

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Payments are secure

PayPal payments are monitored 24/7. There’s no need to share bank details with your customers.

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Accept international payments

PayPal UK accepts payments in multiple currencies, and you can withdraw them in GBP.

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Debit and credit cards accepted

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit and debit cards are all accepted.

A smart way to get paid

Security and peace of mind with PayPal.

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Get paid online

Improve your sales by giving customers more ways to pay online through PayPal. Create pay enabled invoices through QuickBooks by adding a 'pay' button to accept card payments by PayPal and get paid quickly.

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PayPal is user-friendly

With a user share of 91%, PayPal is the most used online payment service in the UK*

*Statista, Global Consumer Survey Brand Report, Online payment: PayPal in the UK, May 2022.

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Peace of mind for your customers

With PayPal, your customers can pay you in many different ways - whether you sell in person, online, or by phone. PayPal lets you connect with more than 295 million PayPal customers around the world, across many platforms and marketplaces. PayPal gives your customers the freedom to pay how they want—nearly anywhere in the world*

* Fees may apply when converting currency. For information on PayPal’s exchange rates for currency conversion and fees refer to PayPal’s user agreement.

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Your business is safe

You’re protected by end-to-end encryption, fraud protection tools and top-of-the-line data security.

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How PayPal works with QuickBooks

Connect PayPal and QuickBooks with the click of a button. Once you’re set up, you’ll save hours on admin.

  • Create and send invoices fast, then take payments easily

  • Save time with PayPal payments and fees that are automatically recorded and reconciled in QuickBooks

  • See at a glance which invoices are outstanding and which have been paid

PayPal pricing

You’ll only pay PayPal transaction fees when you get paid

Plan Name

Current Rates

Visa and Mastercard

1.45% + £0.30

PayPal Wallet

2.9% + £0.30

American Express


Why choose QuickBooks with PayPal

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Get paid quickly

Your customers can settle invoices instantly in QuickBooks with Pay with PayPal.

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The complete picture

See at a glance if invoices were paid in part or in full.

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No extra costs

All the benefits of PayPal with QuickBooks are covered in the transaction fees.

Discover the possibilities with PayPal

New to PayPal? Discover the possibilities with PayPal and give your customers more ways to pay your invoices every time.

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