Multi-company wholesale offer


Terms & conditions


Eligibility: This offer is eligible to accounting firms who register or have registered for Intuit QuickBooks Online Accountant.  Small business clients that would qualify the Accountant for this discounted pricing are limited to clients running multiple companies out of a single instance of software.  Starting October 2, 2017 and for a limited time thereafter, eligible QBOA Customers will be entitled to obtain a multi-company discount package of 2-15 QuickBooks Online Plus subscriptions for a client with multiple companies, if purchased in one order, at the discounted price of $5 USD per QBO Plus subscription per month for their clients (“Client(s)”) using the “bill my firm” (wholesale) invoicing option. “Bill my firm” (wholesale) invoicing means that the accountant will be charged for the subscription fees. This offer requires the first QuickBooks Online Plus subscription (the “primary company”) to be charged at the then current Wholesale Billing price. This offer is applicable to new QBO files only – existing QBO files cannot participate.  If an accounting firm has purchased a 5 for $5 package, all subscriptions have to be activated before the firm can purchase any Multi-company packages.  This offer excludes small business clients currently using QuickBooks Enterprise.  This offer excludes firms that already have a strategic partnership with Intuit QuickBooks that includes negotiated commercial agreements which shall be determined at Intuit’s sole discretion.  The offer is only available to accounting firms that are legally based in the US. This offer cannot be combined with any other QBO offer.


Pricing: QBOA Customers meeting the eligibility criteria of this offer for additional companies (2-15) shall be entitled to obtain subscriptions to QuickBooks Online Plus (“QBO Plus”) only at $5 USD each for the duration of the offer.  If an eligible Customer receives a full wholesale charge for each additional company subscription, then such Customer will also receive an electronic refund to reflect the $5 subscription per active additional company, until the pricing is updated. Once pricing is updated, Customers will be charged $5 for each active QBO Plus subscription for companies 2-15 in their bundle. All prices are quoted without sales tax.


Term of Offer:  For Clients registered onto QuickBooks Online Plus under the term of this offer, Intuit will honor the pricing set forth in this offer from the start of that subscription, provided that the subscription of at least one primary and one additional company purchased within the bundle are uninterrupted and the user continues to be an active client. All multi-company inactive subscriptions must be entered through wholesale billing and activated within 30 days of offer sign up. The offer term is for five years from the start of the bill date of the primary company subscription. After year five, the pricing for the primary company subscription and all additional multi company subscriptions will be the then current wholesale billing price.  The discount will be terminated at such time there is not at least one primary company and one additional company on QBO Plus wholesale billing.  The $5 USD offer price per each multi company subscription will be cancelled and reverted to the then current direct price if the subscription is taken off wholesale billing. The $5 USD offer pricing is valid only for the named individual or company that registered for QuickBooks Online Plus subscription and has populated their QuickBooks Online file with company data within 30 days of purchase; and cannot be transferred to another client, individual or company


Billing: The QBOA Customer’s account will automatically be charged on a monthly basis on the billing date indicated by the QBOA customer for the primary QBO Plus subscription at the regular accountant “bill my firm” (wholesale) price until the subscription is terminated. Each additional multi-company subscription will incur a monthly charge of $5 USD each.  Payment is due, in full, immediately upon monthly invoicing.


Terms, conditions, pricing, special features, and service and support options subject to change without notice.



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