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Rely on new practice management features
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Free workflow management solutions
help your team members stay on top
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Add to-do’s in seconds

Create overall projects to be done, as well as individual tasks within each project.

Delegate with a quick click

Instantly assign tasks to yourself or members of your practice.

Monitor status at a glance

See exactly what’s due, when, and check progress in real time. Filter by client or assignee.

New! Make updates, get updates

Keep your team members informed of work assignments, task updates, and upcoming deadlines with real-time email and Slack notifications.


New! Streamline and automate workflows across all your clients, all in one place.


Now it’s even easier to manage your work with QuickBooks Online Accountant.



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Save time, skip the setup

Get to work faster using pre-filled Quickstart Templates that cut out manual project prep.



Templates for every task

Choose the Quickstart Template that fits
your workflow, such as bookkeeping, tax,
client onboarding, and payroll.



Tailor Work to the Client

Create custom, re-usable templates from
scratch to serve specific client needs.

Save time on tax prep

Connect with clients like never before.


Built-in communication features help
you get what you need, when you need it.


Compose right where
you are

Send messages and requests to clients, and receive replies, all without leaving your workflow.

Streamline your

Share client documents and keep them organized in a password-protected environment.


Stay visible and

Post notifications that clients can see in their QuickBooks Online account and in their email inbox.

Access on one list
and on the go

Easily access shared documents from one client list, and get on-the-go access on your mobile device.

Discover more with answers to these
frequently asked questions.

Q: How can I filter my projects and Tasks? 

A: Users can filter by client, user, and/or work item (e.g. Projects, Tasks, and Requests). At this time, there is not a way to see tasks or projects that are further than 30 days in the future.  Longer term planning views will be added soon. 


Q: Who has access to view or update a project? 

A: The ability to view or update a specific task is controlled by the Client Access tab.  Firm users who have access to the client for which the project has been created will be able to view and/or edit the tasks under that project.  Client Access also controls who appears as selectable in the Assigned to drop-down menu within projects and tasks. 


Q: Will Intuit automatically suggest actions to be taken within my clients’ books? 

A: Yes!  Tasks like payroll deadlines and reconciliation will automatically be shown as tasks to complete.  This feature can be turned off via the “from QuickBooks” toggle switch. 


Q: Will I be able to track tasks and projects for ALL of my clients or just those with QuickBooks Online subscriptions? 

A: Practice Management can track projects and tasks for any client listed in your client list, even if they are not attached to a QuickBooks Online subscription. Currently, the feature does not support client requests, since this is linked through the client’s QBO account. 


Q: How do I duplicate a task or make a task recurring? 

A: In this current iteration of Practice Management, duplicate or recurring tasks must be created manually.  We will expand on this feature in future updates. 


Q: How can I reassign a project or task? 

A: To reassign a project or task: 1) Click on the project or task. 2)Select a name from the Assigned to drop-down. That’s it!


Q: Are there limits on files I can exchange with my client through the collaboration feature?  

A: Almost any file type can be uploaded.  The service filters for files that might be viruses or something similar. For instance, you cannot upload an executable (.exe) file or a JavaScript (.js) file. 


The file size limitation 30MB (megabytes) per file, and there are no limitations on the number of files that can be uploaded. 

Q: Can I turn off the My Accountant tab for my client if I prefer they email me? 

A: The My Accountant tab is a portal by which your client has access to your requests and communications.  When an accountant is not attached to a client’s subscription – for instance, if you work with them by using their login details - this portal offers them the opportunity to be matched with an accountant.  For this reason, the My Accountant tab cannot be turned off or removed. 


Q: Can I access Practice Management on a mobile device? 

A: Practice Management is compatible with your mobile device as well as the QuickBooks Online App for desktop. 



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