Game Changing Trends

Game-Changing Trends

Within five years, 78% of small businesses will move online. Your clients will more than likely join the movement. We'll help you understand what this trend means for your practice.



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The cloud means greater efficiency,
flexibility, and more big data.

Here's what that means for small businesses and their accountants.

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65% of small businesses rely on the cloud to manage day-to-day tasks. Two years ago, that number was 38%. This rapid shift means that more small businesses than ever are maximizing efficiency by leveraging online accounting solutions.


Impact on you
Less busywork and even better client service. Save time and lower costs by working online, allowing you to begin a task on one device and finish it on another.

Mobile matters
43% of small business owners use their smartphone as a primary business tool. That number was only 28% just two years ago. Today, your clients use smartphones to gain flexibility and control over their day, which changes how–and when–businesses are managed.

Impact on you
The rising prevalence of smartphones and tablets means we're entering a new era of "always on" client support. Small business owners can access their data and make strategic decisions anytime, anywhere, and they expect their accountant to do the same.

Better decision-making
More big data means more opportunity for smart decisions—but only with professional help. Accountants who learn to collect, manage and analyze the data generated by small businesses will have a large competitive advantage over their peers.

Impact on you
Today's most successful accounting firms act as decision–making partners in their clients' businesses. Learn to glean key insights from the volume of data generated each day by businesses, and turn those insights into practical advice that helps your clients achieve their business goals.

The cloud means stronger client relationships.

As small businesses change the way they work by moving online,
the client-accountant relationship is evolving. Here's what to expect:


The big impact of automation

Many services currently provided by accounting professionals, especially low-value or easily automated services such as data entry, bookkeeping and simple tax returns, will become less profitable and even disappear due to competition, automation and outsourcing.

More emphasis on consulting and advising

Successful accounting professionals will adopt new roles as consultants and advisors, providing performance management advice, decision support and other services. Nuts-and-bolts functions such as computation and tax preparation will become more rare.

New Expectation

New generation, new expectations

The rapidly growing, tech-oriented Gen Y segment of clients expects to interact with its accounting professionals digitally, using online and self-serve customer support in addition to traditional methods.

Jim Parker

Find out how Jim Parker, CPA, strengthened his client relationships by moving online.
"We finally made the decision to give working online a shot. It can solve a lot of problems for us personally, and for our clients."
Jim Parker, CPA, Certified QuickBooks Online
ProAdvisor, La Mesa, CA

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Real QuickBooks Online users. Real success stories.

The best way to understand how working online can help your clients may
be to see how it has helped others. Meet some small business owners who
are using QuickBooks Online - and thriving!



"Bookkeeping and accounting don't come naturally to us, so having everything in the computer, organized and accessible, keeps us on track - and is even kind of fun!"

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Frida Tacos

Frida Tacos

"I always knew I wanted my own business. I was like, 'Honey, we have to do this, I can't take another day of my corporate job.' "

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"Instead of entering receipts and logging transactions, we're using one tool to budget, invoice, track bills, and see the big picture of how we're doing. It's huge for us."

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