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See how the accountant-only toolbox gives you the tools to provide more effective and more efficient client services.

The Accountant Toolbox

The right tools for the right tasks, right in your client's books.
Once you're in your client's books, a briefcase icon will appear in the upper left corner. Click the drop down menu to access tools, reports and more — all designed specifically for accountants.



Work more efficiently

With these accountant-only tools, you can streamline your work and access customizable reports so you can advise clients even quicker.


Reclassify transactions


Use this tool to find transactions that have been assigned to incorrect accounts or classes and reclassify them in batches.


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Voided/deleted transactions


Access the pre-filtered audit log for voided and deleted transactions, and make additional customizations.



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Write off invoices


Remove invoices and reverse any revenue amounts with only a few clicks.



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Journal entries


Enter debits and credits, transfer money between income and expenses or from an asset, liability, or equity accounts.



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Closing the books


Alert clients when post-closing changes will affect a closed period or alert a client and require a password in order to make the change.


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Reconcile, and undo


Make sure client books match bank statements, and undo any client mistakes.




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Accountant reports


Access accountant-only reports, specify date ranges and quickly access frequently used reports.




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Management reports


Create custom report groupings with cover pages and additional information pages.




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My custom reports


Create custom reports, customized groupings, and schedule distributions. Access directly from the toolbox link.



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Reports tools


Set date ranges for work periods and QuickBooks will automatically populate in your reports.



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Chart of Accounts


Access your client’s Chart of Accounts with just one click.




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Multiple windows


Easily open additional screens to compare multiple reports and other QuickBooks features.



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Tax time made simple

The Trial Balance tool reduces time spent on manual data entry by exporting your client's QuickBooks Online data directly into their tax return and corrects entries to make the end of the year even easier.

Adjusting entries

Eliminate the need to export data by comparing prior and current tax-year data side by side. Then record new activity in a separate adjusting entries field, which captures your changes directly to the books while preserving trial balance data.

Tax mappings

Eliminate manual entry with tax mappings, which automatically maps account balances to specific tax lines, allowing you to easily review and re-assign data.

Export to ProConnect Tax Online

Streamline the prep to file process by exporting tax-ready data into ProConnect Tax Online, or export to Excel for use with your preferred tax software.

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See for yourself how the Accountant Toolbox can help you work more efficiently. Find the toolbox icon in your own or your client's books.