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Is the official canadian date format supported

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QuickBooks Team

Is the official canadian date format supported

Hi there, 


QuickBooks Online helps you organize your business finances in a clear, easy-to-use way. Having the option to read the dates in a way that makes sense to you is very important. Many people prefer the format MM/DD/YYYY, which is most commonly used in Canada. I'll help explain how you can change your date format in QuickBooks Online. 


Here's what you'll do: 


1. Click the Gear icon

2. Select Account and Settings

3. Click Advanced
4. Scroll down to the Other preferences section and click the small Pencil icon. 

5. Change the date format. 

6. Click Done

Simple as that! I hope this gets you back to business. 


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Is the official canadian date format supported

The main issue I have with date format is when receipt snap is reading/processing Canadian receipts.  Since many receipts in Canada either do YY/MM/DD or DD/MM/YY, I have receipts that are interpreted as being from 2012 when the 12 was actually December; I even have one that’s post dated to 2023 because of this same issue.


it’s easy enough to address when scanning one receipt, but to do it if you have dozens to scan is soooooooo frustrating.

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Is the official canadian date format supported

Hi SimplySOS,


Welcome to the QuickBooks Community family! It’s great that you're taking advantage of the receipts feature to accurately manage your transactions. I know how an issue of having your receipt date format show up wrong can slow down your progress. Rest assured, I'll be happy to give you a hand with this. 


Based on what you described, it sounds like the system read the captured receipt date as YY/MM/DD instead of DD/MM/YY and it's combining the day with the month. This might be as a result of a glitch in the system or a browser issue. Here're some troubleshooting steps to consider:


  • If you're uploading the receipts from your computer or email, please clear your web browser cache and cookies.
  • If you're using the mobile app, you can clear the app data depending on the type of device you're using: 
    For Android: From More Options, select Settings, then select Refresh Data, and then choose Yes
    For iOS: From the Menu, tap All, select Help & Feedback, select Refresh Data, and then select Refresh
  • Try logging into your QuickBooks Online account using a private window.
  • Try clearing the app cache and reset the app data if you're using the QuickBooks Online app for Windows/Mac with this link.

Feel free to reach out if the issue persists after completing the troubleshooting steps. I'll be here to help.

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