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How can I install Quick Books on another computer in the office?

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QuickBooks Team

How can I install Quick Books on another computer in the office?

Hi there, 


You've reached the right place for help. I'll show you how to install QuickBooks Online on another computer. 


To accomplish this, enter this URL on your browser. Once you're on the site, click on Free Download > Download Now. Once the app is fully downloaded on the account you can log in with your user information and you should be good to go. 


Give this a try and let me know how you make out. I'll be on standby. 

Rebecca R
QuickBooks Team

How can I install Quick Books on another computer in the office?

Hi there firmani88,


While the original poster was looking for a solution to this for QuickBooks Online, I believe you're likely trying to move your version of QuickBooks Desktop from one computer to another. Whether you purchased a new computer, or you'll just be using a new computer to do your business' books, there's an easy way to move your QuickBooks Desktop over and I'm here to help.


The first important step is to save a backup of your company file or save your entire QuickBooks folder so that once you've installed QuickBooks on the new computer, you'll be able to pick up where you left off. If you'd like to do a backup, which essentially saves everything that's currently in your company file except payroll forms, follow the steps in this article: Back up your QuickBooks Desktop company file. If you'd prefer to go the route of saving your entire folder, I'll go over how:


  1. Open QuickBooks and the company file you want to move.
  2. Press F2 (or Ctrl + 1) to open the Product Info window.
  3. The File Information section will tell you where your company file is saved on your hard drive.
  4. Open the Windows Start menu and then open File Explorer.
  5. Find the folder where your company file is stored, then right-click it and select Copy.
  6. Open the external device or new location on your hard drive where you'll be moving the files and select Paste.


Once you've successfully saved your company file you'll want to move on to installing your version of QuickBooks Desktop on your new computer. Make sure that you have your product and license info on hand. On the new computer, simply download the installation files or insert your CD and continue with the install process. If you don't have your CD but you do have your license and product number, you'll be able to access a download from this link: Downloads & Updates. If you're missing your license and product number, check out our article on how to Find QuickBooks Desktop and Point of Sale product and license info.


If the computer you'll be using hasn't had QuickBooks Desktop installed previously, you'll need to register again. All that you'll need to do is hit the Help button, then select Register QuickBooks to start the process. Now you're ready to move on to opening up your company file on the new computer. You'll either Restore a backup of your company file or just select Open or Restore existing company and browse to find the folder you copied, depending on which route you took to save your file. I want to share a few additional articles that I know will be helpful:



If you need any additional support on this, our team of highly trained customer support experts are ready and waiting to help you get things back up and running. Click here to contact us, or reply to this thread and I'm more than happy to answer any follow-up questions you might have.


I wish you the best of luck, and hope you enjoy your day!

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