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issues after installing quickbooks on a new PC

I had a PC failure and had to install QuickBooks 2014 on a new PC. I did that but now I am seeing a number of issues. 


I realize that this is an old version but it ain't broke so I am not too keen on spend money particularly given the fact that I am in the process of wrapping up the company.  Interestingly, the QB2014 has been running on the now defunct PC for years (both running Windows 10 22H2) and I have never seen any of these issues.


Every time I launch QuickBooks I get a message asking me to register. When I click on register now button, a blank screen entitled "Intuit Accounts - Sign In" opens and that's it - just a blank screen.


I suspect that the registration issue might be related to another problem I am having which is that I keep getting the following message:

"For Security, Intuit does not support this browser or browser version"  The message goes on to say that I should download and install a supported browser - trouble is that I have two on the list (Edge & Chrome) already installed. When I try to close this browser warning page I keep getting script errors.


In addition, I am having issues updating QuickBooks.  Updates to Essentials, Maintenance releases and Critical fixes work fine but I am getting a 15225 error for the New Features and Pro updates.


I realize that this is an old, undoubtedly "unsupported" version of QuickBooks but my accountant tells me that have lots of clients using vintage versions of Quick Books and I have gotten hits in google as recent as a few months ago regarding vintage versions of QuickBooks so I am hopeful that someone in the community has some insight.




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issues after installing quickbooks on a new PC

You will need IE 11 to run your QBD 2014 on your new machine.

Install the trial version of QBD 2020 to be sure.

QuickBooks Team

issues after installing quickbooks on a new PC

Hello Mike. Thanks for reaching out to us in the Community. Just to confirm, have you been able to get assistance with this? 

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