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Setting up QB Desktop - GST issues

I have a client that is converting from Sage to QB Desktop this current year.  They have encountered a couple of set-up issues that I am trying to resolve for them.


(1) First question - the GST collected and the GST paid appear to post to the same G/L account.  Under Sage, GST collected was posted to a separate G/L account than the GST paid.  Is this possible in QB Desktop?


(2) For purchase transactions, where some items are taxable and others not, how and which screens are needed so that the proper prompts pop up for each purchase?  My client may have inadvertently set up this up incorrectly as it appears to currently be a choice between all taxable or all non-taxable.

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QuickBooks Team

Setting up QB Desktop - GST issues

Hello RSChan,


It's awesome to have your client join us in using QuickBooks Desktop. I know how going from one program to another can take some getting used to, especially when you've been used to using another. I'll do what I can to help you out.


With a few more details about what you mean by the accounts you're looking for, I'm confident we can help you find the answers you need for how sales tax is recorded in the G/L. One of the great things about setting up sales tax in QuickBooks Desktop is that it creates the necessary payable accounts for you as you add the taxes you need.


I've got an article here that covers setting up sales tax in QuickBooks Desktop. It also goes over how to assign sales tax to items, customers, and vendors, which I think would be useful for your second question. You could mark an item as non-taxable so that when making purchases, you can be sure that you've got the right information for your purchases. Check it out here: How to set up sales tax in QuickBooks Desktop


I recommend calling and speaking with an agent so you can share more specific details about what you're looking for in regards to the account setup. Read our Intuit QuickBooks Desktop software support policies article to learn hours and how to get in touch.


I hope that helps! Have a great day.

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Setting up QB Desktop - GST issues

We had some clients migrating from Sage (e.g Sage 50 CA/Simply Accounting and BusinessWorks) to QuickBooks. They got help to convert their data from a 3rd party conversion service. However, since their conversion software needs to talk to the QuickBooks software, they  have to work within the limitations it imposes. This means that there are some things our clients will have to do post-conversion.

Reconciling banking transactions. The conversion is unable to mark bank transactions as reconciled during the conversion process. Once your conversion ​is complete, you will need to mark the ​​ bank transactions as rec​onciled, leaving only the unpresented items as unreconciled and agreeing with the statement balance.

GST returns for earlier periods may need to be "filed" in QuickBooks, to make sure that old transactions do not appear in the next GST report. You should check the first GST return you produce in QuickBooks carefully, to ensure that the numbers are as you would expect.

Apply A/P Credits: A/P credits need to be manually applied to bills. To make it quicker, it helps to have the “Automatically use credits” preference turned on for pay bills. To do that, go to Edit->Preferences->Bills and click on “Automatically use credits” on the Company preferences tab. Then go to the pay bills screen and select the bill(s) that should be paid and it will automatically apply the credits creating a zero dollar payment stub.

Apply A/R Credits: Similar to A/P credits, A/R Credits need to be manually applied to invoices.


Should you need more assistance, I recommend you to talk to that service provider. PM me you contact details.

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