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How simple design makes it easier to work better online

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Small business owners are turning to technology to improve efficiency. We look at how clear, intuitive design is making it easier than ever to get things done online.

Out with the old 
Forget cluttered, old-school websites with enough options to induce a migraine. Today, the more advanced the product, the simpler the interface.

Apple famously keeps both words and pictures to a minimum and Google makes sure there’s nothing to distract you from that all-important search button. These ‘clean’ minimalist designs use blank space to frame information, making it easier for users to focus.

Clean minimalist designs use blank space to frame information, making it easier for users to focus

Made for mobile
Responsive Web Design means no more fiddling around when you’re using the internet on your mobile. With pages designed specifically for your phone, using touch-screen technology, it’s easy to use software such as online accounting when you’re on the go.

All about you
The best interface design puts you, the user, first. Companies invest hours of research into finding out how to create the best possible user experience for their products.

  • Readability
    A clear font, a contrasting background and a sensible number of words on a page has a big impact on your experience (and blood pressure).
  • Functionality
    Apps and websites need to be easy to use. And you shouldn’t have to wait around for pages to load.
  • Simple navigation
    Can you find your way around easily using the minimum number of clicks? Is it obvious how to ‘dig down’ for more details on each page without getting lost?
  • Aesthetic appeal
    If an app or website looks nice, you’ll enjoy spending time there and get more from it.

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