Value Pricing

Value Pricing

Discover how value pricing can transform your practice. Increase your clients' satisfaction and loyalty with this innovative new pricing model.

Value Pricing
Real advantages for you—and your clients


You can count on:

  • Predictable revenue from every new client - so you can plan your growth.

  • Efficiency driving profitability - add clients to your list, not hours to your day.

  • Increased loyalty - clients know they're paying for valuable services, not just time.


Your clients gain:

  • Transparency - they know exactly how much they're being billed, and for what.

  • Trust - they know they can consult and ask questions without extra cost.


Get inspired by a
world-renowned value expert

We have partnered with Ron Baker, author of Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms and co-founder of VeraSage Institute, to deliver all of the tools & resources you'll need to adopt this cutting edge model.

Value pricing helps accountants grow their profits and their customer satisfaction. Our four-part taped webinar series, "Pricing on Purpose: The Eight Steps to Implementing Value Pricing in Your Firm" will help you develop the core competency you need to take advantage of this effective new model.


Part 1: The firm of the future: From professional service firm to professional knowledge firm
Customers don't buy time; they buy value. This webinar will help you understand value and the enormous competitive advantage you can gain in attracting both customers and team members.
Play Video (1:16:09)


Part 2: Having the value conversation
Understand your clients' value drivers in order to create maximum value, convince clients they must pay for that value, and capture that value with an effective pricing strategy.
Play Video (1:47:15)

pricing options

Part 3: Pricing the customer, not the services / Developing and pricing options
Learn why your customers prefer an array of pricing options and what you can do to deploy customer-centric strategies in your firm.
Play Video (1:46:17)

price agreements

Part 4: Fixed price agreements, pricing objections, project management, change requests, change orders and pricing after action reviews
Discover strategies for handling price objections, how to develop a fixed price agreement, the basics of project management, and more.
Play Video (1:40:57)

Read more about implementing value pricing     See Additional Documentation

Value pricing gives you the flexibility
to assemble packages that suit your practice

Example packages can include:

Administrative Costs

Administration Costs

Accounts receivable

Accounts Receivable & Payable


Cash & Credit Card Receipts




Government Remittances & Filing


Financial Reporting



Stacy Kildal

Accountant Stacy Kildal transformed her practice

"This simplifies billing for me, and doesn’t penalize me for being efficient. May clients like having a predictable, set price and being able to ask questions without feeling like a meter is running."

Stacy Kildal, owner of Kildal Services LLC, noticed that her clients wanted her knowledge, experience and advice-not simply her time. That's why she decided to offer flat-fee pricing with monthly billing. Now Stacy can build her practice without tracking every minute of the day.

Ready to transform your practice? Now is a good time to grow too.


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