Accountants and Slack lovers, this one’s for you.

When you’re in QuickBooks Online Accountant to manage work
for your firm, do you use Slack to chat with your team?



Now make sure nothing falls through the cracks with automatic project
notifications, updates, and reminders—right in Slack.



How do they work together?

Magic. Well, sort of.


It’s pretty easy.

Set up your team with their Slack names.
Pick the channels you want to use.
Assign work to your team like you always do.

Fast, free, and easy to set up.

When you a create new assignment or change a project, a message flies right over to Slack. You can even get due date reminders.

See it in action

•   New assignment notification     •   Project status update     •   Due date reminders


We were able to move from Basecamp and Dropbox to this and it’s going to save me over $400 a month! - Holly Devito, Sum of All Numbers

How do I install the app?


Sign in to QuickBooks Online Accountant.


Go to Work, and select Connect now to get started.


Set up your team and choose your channels.

Get the app and start working with your team your way

New to all of this? Learn more about QuickBooks Online Accountant and Slack.