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5 Inspiring Resources for Accounting Students

If you’re in school preparing for a career in accounting, you may want to take advantage of the numerous resources available to help accounting students. A wide range of podcasts, books, and magazines can help you through college and as you start your career. With so many forms of media available in the Internet age, you’re likely to find a few resources that best suit your personality and learning style.

University Magazine

While you’re relaxing at home or riding the bus, reading magazines serves as a great way to stimulate your mind. University Magazine is created by and catered toward Canadian university students. While it’s not a pure accounting magazine, it does cover productivity tips, plus the publication offers many surprising tidbits, ranging from the dangers of energy drinks to common money mistakes to avoid.

Chartered Professional Accountants Canada

Chartered Professional Accountants Canada offers a robust collection of resources so you can prepare for life after university. You can explore online posts about becoming a CPA or furthering your professional development, and the site also contains business and accounting resources for students. You can subscribe to the CPA Canada magazine, which has articles ranging from tips on how to use popular programs, such as Excel, to ideas on how to develop leadership qualities for accountants. And if you become a member, you unlock special resources and benefits, such as savings and discounts. You can also find information on volunteering, which is a great way to enhance your skills while getting your name out there.

StartUp Podcast

This award-winning podcast provides inspiration for starting your own firm after finishing school. Even if you don’t plan to run your own business, the stories showcased in this podcast can help as you try to inspire and guide your future business clients. The show uses a narrative (storytelling) format to explore how new businesses get off the ground and succeed. One of the great benefits of podcasts is that you can multitask and educate yourself while waiting for a lecture to start or walking to class.

The Bean Counter

Whether you’re travelling home or working out at the gym, a podcast lets you digest useful information while you’re not in a formal learning setting. This podcast provides something for accountants at any stage of their career. The Bean Counter offers resume advice for soon-to-be graduates, tips on salary negotiations for those breaking into the accounting industry, and guidance on how to get promoted for those who are already working in the field. Other intriguing topics include exploring non-traditional accounting jobs, creating a professional network, and balancing accounting school work with your personal life. Host Andrew Argue also interviews successful accountants and recruiters to give accounting students inspirational.

The ACCA Podcast for Students in Accounting Training

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) provides podcasts specifically geared for student accountants. Designed as study aids for student accountants or those in training, these podcasts are in-depth and cover a wide range of topics, from ethics, risk, and governance to auditing, strategy, and environmental accounting. They’re an ideal resource for anyone who plans to pursue a career as a certified accounting professional.

If you don’t have time to sit down and read a book, listening to a podcast on your smartphone or laptop is an excellent way to turn your downtime into a learning experience. When it’s time to start your career, you want to utilize every advantage to put yourself ahead of the pack. QuickBooks Online Accountant offers powerful tools for accounting professionals and students. Sign up for free.

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