Seven Effective Ways to Find Accounting Clients

Are you an accounting pro in need of effective ways to increase your client base? Or, do you want to replace some of your lost accounting clients or ditch old marketing techniques for new channels to get a steady pipeline of clients? Implementing proactive strategies and investing resources in technology and marketing turns prospects into clients. Whether you’re building a new accounting brand or growing your existing firm, finding new clients is crucial to your business’ success.

But before you learn how to find clients for your accounting firm, first identify your target audience. Start by answering a few questions to find your ideal clients and accounting jobs that suit you:

  • How much time do your clients spend managing their payroll and books?
  • Which customers are likely to return?
  • How profitable are your customers?
  • How much revenue do your clients generate?

Once you focus on a specific type of client, proceed to implement your marketing ideas to reach out to potential new ones.

Ask for Referrals

One of the fastest ways to expand your client base is to tap into your current client list. Offer the best services, and your customers will tell others about you. Although most of your clients refer your business to potential customers for free, establishing a referral program for your existing clients can be a smart move.

But how do you create a referral program that works? Start by deciding what you’re willing to give clients who send referrals your way. Offer discounts, gift cards, and other benefits to motivate your clients to tell others about your business. Send newsletters and emails to your clients to tell them that you’re looking for referrals. Put some testimonials on your website, showing how some of your customers are satisfied. Set up a tracking system to identify referrals so that you can reward clients who refer them.

Partner with Other Professionals

One other way to get clients for your business is to partner with other businesses or professionals who aren’t in direct competition with you. Such businesses include, among others, insurance agents, lawyers, bankers, and tax professionals. Obviously, they have clients who are in need of your services. Let these professionals know that you’re an accounting professional, and verbally ask them to send some of their small business clients your way.

You may improve business alliances with other trusted professionals by sending them some of your clients. Once other businesses introduce you to their clients, you may offer cash bonuses if you aren’t in a position to send clients their way.

Network Effectively

Make the most of networking events to meet new prospects and expand your client list. What are the best ways to network?

Join local business groups in your city and find a way they can support your business. For mutual benefit, also offer some contribution to the groups. You may find referrals in these groups.

Another way to network is to find meet-up groups consisting of people with a common goal. For example, you may join groups of people who love exercising in the morning. Once in a while, tell them about your profession and ask them if they can get accounting and bookkeeping clients for you.

Volunteer to teach in your local community educational institutions. Offer the best service for your students to refer clients your way. The local community university or college may also decide to give you a job. Ensure that you hone your public speaking skills before you become an instructor.

Subscribe to HARO

HARO is an acronym for Help a Reporter Out. It’s an online media outlet that journalists use to ask experts for articles or stories to publish. You may join this media outlet for free and submit some of your best stories in accounting and related fields. Be sure to contact the journalist and ask them what they need from you. Also, reply to their requests in a timely fashion to position yourself as a reliable source. Journalists meet various business clients and professionals, and they can send some of these people your way. Some of these experts may also feature you on television where you can market your services and get new clients.

Create a Professional Website

With the world going digital every other day, it’s crucial that you create a website that revolves around the accounting services you offer to find clients online. You may hire someone to create a professional website and list all your services and their adjacent prices. You can also visit online sites to learn how to create professional websites. Alternatively, use free online templates to create a website where you can advertise your work and build your client base. Once you create a website, learn the basics of SEO and paid Google advertising.

Market Yourself on Social Media

Do you use social media sites to interact with your existing customers? You may also use these sites to advertise your business and get more clients. Developing brand name recognition online in a cost-effective way to market your accounting practice. Some tips for effectively promoting your accounting business on social channels include:

  • Choose the right platforms

Sharing your skills on the right platforms is crucial to your success. Consider which sites your customers use the most so they can easily connect with you.

  • Respond to customers quickly

Address questions and problems from both your clients and prospective customers quickly. Be sure to engage with the customers and apologize if you take too long to respond.

  • Be visual

Do you want your products and services to show off and boost engagement on social channels? Add photos and videos to your content, and post pictures of happy clients on sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Create a calendar

Avoid rushing to create last-minute posts. To get consistent results with less time and effort, create a schedule, automate some activities, and assign some tasks to your employees or contractors.

Sign Up on Job Boards for Accounting Positions

Create an account with job boards that offer accounting jobs to find new clients. As an accountant in Canada, you may register with CPA Ontario Talent, CPA Alberta Job Board, CPA Atlantic, and You may also use global job boards, such as, to find both local and international clients in need of your services.

Techniques to Find New Accounting Clients at a Glance

You may want to start with two or three of these strategies to land new clients. Be sure to consult with experienced accounting professionals to learn about ways they win over new clients. You may also want to employ some old yet effective marketing techniques, such as cold calling, to reach out to a wider market. Now that you know which tools and resources work best for your accounting business, make a plan and set deadlines to implement these ideas. Remember to teach and encourage your staff to use these tips to find prospects.

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