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Important Difference Between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop for Your Clients

It’s not easy to grow a small business. Every day, your clients face complex financial decisions, increasing demands on their time and growing competition—and they rely on you to help them overcome these challenges.

QuickBooks Online is packed with smart, automated features, each designed to help you and your clients eliminate busywork and stay focused. Here are the key benefits of switching your clients from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.

Why Your Clients Should Make the Switch

Your clients will love the following benefits of QuickBooks Online:

  • Better visibility into improving profitability
  • App integration
  • Track your mileage
  • Conduct business on the go
  • Improve efficiency
  • Automatically schedule invoicing and payments

Improve Profitability

QuickBooks Online offers a streamlined cash flow management process, which means your clients will be able to get an accurate snapshot of the financial health of their company. Automated features like recurring transactions, bank feeds, and receipt capture allow your clients to get things done fast. They’ll be able to get crucial cash flow data in real time with minimal data entry, leaving more time to focus on other aspects of their company.

Sleek App Integration

Let your favourite apps fill any gaps in your client’s workflow with the QuickBooks Online app integration. Eliminate data entry and save time by connecting third-party apps and services you already use. Get things done efficiently with third-party apps that specialize in specific tasks like expense tracking, inventory management, and more.

Find out more about the best apps to integrate with your client’s QuickBooks Online software.

Conduct Business on the Go

With QuickBooks Online your clients can work from a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet at any time. Access important files when travelling or at an appointment, all you need is a secure internet connection. Download QuickBooks app on Google Play and the App Store today.

Amp Up Efficiency

It takes half the time to get tasks done in QuickBooks Online than in the desktop version. From receipt scanning to credit card reconciliations, get it done faster with QuickBooks Online. Your clients can quickly snap a photo of a receipt and upload it to the QuickBooks app and it will automatically upload to the cloud.

Send Invoices and Get Paid Quicker

Cloud software allows you to automatically send invoices directly to customers so your clients can get paid faster. QuickBooks Online also allows you to include a pay now button right in the invoice. Never receive a late invoice again, with the reminder feature. This will remind your customers the deadline is fast approaching.

Plus, setting up recurring payments has never been easier. All you have to do is create an invoice and set up a schedule. QuickBooks Online will send invoices according to whichever payment schedule works for you and your clients.

What’s in it for You?

Switching over to online is also beneficial for your accounting firm. Experience the following benefits when signing up for QuickBooks Online Accountant:

  • Access all your clients data
  • Data comes to you
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Simplified workflow process

Access All Your Clients Data

QuickBooks Online Accountant acts like a portal to all your clients’ books from a single login. Because QuickBooks Online Accountant is a cloud-based system, you have access to all your clients’ QuickBooks Online anytime, anywhere. Plus, share real-time access to the books with clients and your team members.

Having all the data you need at your fingertips will make it easier for you to help your clients with their finances, give better advice, and file their taxes with the most accurate information.

Data Comes to You

With QuickBooks Online you can easily link to your client’s bank accounts to automate the collection of bank transactions, statements, and receipts. All of their transactions and statements are downloaded to the server nightly, which means all the necessary data will be available when you need it. Plus, you can set up bank rules within QuickBooks to define how each transaction should be treated, and the system will categorize them for you. With data coming straight to you in real-time, you’ll never have to chase down a client for paper receipts and statements again.

Stored Securely on the Cloud

Even if your computer crashes, all of your accounting documents in QuickBooks Online are safe. This is thanks to the secure cloud-based server that QuickBooks Online uses to store all your client’s data. You won’t have to worry about losing work, because all your data will automatically save, to an encrypted cloud-based server. You will never have to worry about any technical issues or backing-up your client’s data again.

Share this cloud accounting 101 piece with your clients.

Simplify your Workflow Process

With QuickBooks Online the majority of your workflow can be done through one tool:

  • Planning: Collect your clients’ documents and data, monitor their business performance, and run reports in real-time. Jumpstart projects with templates and team-wide notifications.
  • Processing: Use your Accountant Toolbox to manage your client’s finances, receive up-to-date snapshots of their financial health across all devices. Set up automated invoicing and payroll, as well as pre-populated account balances.
  • Tax Preparation: Adjust your client’s financial records, review, and re-assign tax codes.
  • Filing: Use built-in tools like Pro Tax, in QuickBooks Online Accountant, to file your client’s taxes securely and efficiently.

Not using QuickBooks Online Accountant to manage your clients’ books? QuickBooks Online Accountant helps you manage projects, tasks, and clients together. Sign up for free to try it for yourself.

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