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QuickBooks Makes You and Your Client’s Jobs Easier with New Customizable Left Navigation Menu

QuickBooks has launched navigation menu enhancements on QuickBooks Online. The new menu will be available to your clients as it gradually rolls out beginning in early August and continuing through Fall 2022. 

It now features a simplified menu in Business View that will allow your clients, or small business owners, to find the information that is important to them. The new menu is also completely customizable in both Business and Accountant View, which means your clients can work more efficiently. 

If you signed up a new client after February 2022 and identified them as business owners or employees, they should already see the new left navigation. By the end of 2022, all your clients using Business View will see a simplified navigation menu. 

Find Out What's New

New left hand navigation menu in QBO

Business View contains the same features as the current navigation — it's just organized to create a more simplified view. 

Stay organized with new headers 

Getting things done is the starting point for basic tasks and includes linking bank accounts, creating invoices, categorizing transactions, and tracking receipts. 

The Business overview menu is now home to the Cash flow, Reports, Planner, and Projects tabs.  

 Learn more about the new navigation menu in this help article, which outlines the changes in detail. 

 Customization features

Thanks to your feedback, QuickBooks prioritized the ability to customize and bookmark for all QuickBooks Online customers. 

Over the next few months, all clients not on Business View will be migrated. With the new Business view, clients can easily customize the left navigation menu and reduce steps to their most frequent QuickBooks activities. By this fall, those using Accountant View will also be able to customize and bookmark items within their standard menu. 

Customization features include the ability to:

  1. Modify the navigation menu to see only the pages they use most.
  2. Hide the pages they don't use (and find them again under More).
  3. Bookmark a page.
  4. Reorder the navigation menu items and bookmarks

Tips for Supporting Your Clients

While customers eagerly anticipate the ease with which they'll experience a simplified menu. These changes might initially take some getting used to. Clients have the freedom to customize the left navigation menu, meaning what appears and the order differs for each. 

Keep in mind that menu options won't disappear -– if they're not visible in the navigation menu, they may be hidden under More. If your client prefers to continue using the current navigation bar, the good news is that they still can. The current navigation bar is known as Accountant View, and your clients can switch between views at any time. 

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