Choosing the Best Invoice App

Learn what to look for when choosing the best invoice app. Discover the best QuickBooks compatible invoice software and what works best for your business needs.

Invoicing is a necessary part of every business no matter what product or service you’re providing to your customers. Luckily many apps make invoicing easy! From read receipts to accepting credit card payments directly from invoices, there are a lot of options to consider when choosing the best invoicing software for you.

The best invoice apps are ones that can be integrated with your favourite accounting software . Keep things organized and simple by having all your business’ documentation in one place.

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What are the Best Invoicing Software Features?

  • Automated Invoicing

An automated invoicing system can make invoicing easy and minimize potential errors that can occur in manual invoicing systems. Recurring invoices can be scheduled to be sent out on-time with all the correct information including client name, address, job number, and balance owing. Automated invoicing also automatically calculates the sales tax and matches payments with invoices, so everything will be up to date and easy to access.

  • Progress Invoicing

Sometimes big projects can require multiple invoices or a deposit from your client. This can lead to multiple invoices, disorganization, and reluctance from clients who are not willing to pay everything upfront. With progress invoicing, you can start a job and invoice as you hit milestones in your work. This creates consistent cash flow, team motivation, and offers low-risk options for your customers.

  • Custom Templates

Add a personal touch to your invoices with custom templates. Choose from pre-uploaded invoices and customize the colours, fonts, and imagery. Add a professional touch by uploading your logo to your customized template! You can also set your customer’s language preferences and even send invoices in international currencies by assigning different currencies to specific accounts.

  • Invoice Payments

Getting paid has never been easier! Add a Pay Now button directly in your invoices to let your customers pay by credit card in just a few clicks. By providing everything in one place, it'll be easier for your clients to pay you on-time and correctly. Make things convenient for your customers, by setting up recurring payments. Your customers’ billing information will be securely stored, and you’ll have a consistent cash flow throughout the project.

  • Estimates Tool

You and your clients will be at ease with an estimating tool built into your invoicing system. This tool allows you to create estimates and quotes that can be converted into an invoice with a simple click of a button. It even allows you to include discounts and payment terms directly in the invoice.

  • Real-Time Alerts

Built-in notifications will ensure you get paid on-time and correctly every time. Receive read receipts when your client opens their invoice, and alerts when invoices are paid and past due. You can also pass along the notifications to your clients and send out reminders to let them know a payment is due.

Best Invoicing Apps

Running a business is hard work, don’t make it more hectic by using multiple systems. There are over 450 apps for QuickBooks that can be integrated with your QuickBooks account today!


Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, QuickBooks invoicing software comes with all the bells and whistles. From automated invoicing to on-the-go access, the options are endless! Boasting over 15 thousand positive reviews, the QuickBooks app offers all the accounting solutions your business needs.

The benefits of the QuickBooks app include it’s streamlined design, making it easy to learn, automatic sync-up with the desktop version, push notifications to your phone, and more! Get the complete picture of your business right on your phone!

The QuickBooks app caters to every industry, with plans available for the self-employed to corporations and non-profit organizations.

Automated Invoicing Custom Invoice Templates Estimates Tool
Progress Invoicing Invoice Payment Real-Time Alerts

Freedom Merchants

Freedom Merchants is perfect for any online store or service! It offers checkout pages, quick re-billing, and refunds and can dynamically calculate surcharges. And you won’t even need to hire a developer or learn code to get it up in running!

Some benefits include the ability to invoice your customers directly within the QuickBooks Online program and the ability to embed an invoice on any website or email. Stay on brand! Their embedded invoices and checkout pages can be customized for a cohesive design throughout your company’s desktop and mobile website.

Freedom Merchants are compatible with Apple Pay and Google Wallet. You won’t have to worry about mindless data entry into your accounting software because any payment made on your website will be automatically synced with your QuickBooks account.

Automated Invoicing Custom Invoice Templates Estimates Tool X
Progress Invoicing X Invoice Payment Real-Time Alerts

Knowify for Contractors

Whether you are a plumber or Jack-of-all-trades, Knowify for Contractors is the perfect bridge between the professional features of QuickBooks and the functional realities of contractor work.

The benefits of using the Knowify for Contractors app are their flexible yet robust invoicing methods like progress invoicing, and a built-in estimator tool. By integrating Knowify with QuickBooks you can automatically transfer estimates given to customers into final invoices. Get all of this on-the-go with real-time updates and real-time synchronizations between all of your contractors.

Automated Invoicing Custom Invoice Templates Estimates Tool
Progress Invoicing Invoice Payment X Real-Time Alerts X

Invoiced – A/R Automation

Compatible with your QuickBooks account software, Invoiced bridges the gap for invoicing automation from the start of a project to final payment. Business owners love how user-friendly the app is for them and their customers!

Some unique features include the ability to collect invoicing in installments and the capability to automate payment, allowing for steady cash flow for your business. Continuing on the automation journey, Invoiced can also automate payment reminders and send out notifications to your customers via email and text messaging. With payment buttons in the invoice, this app accepts all major credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, and online debit!

Automated Invoicing Custom Invoice Templates X Estimates Tool X
Progress Invoicing Invoice Payment Real-Time Alerts

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