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10 Best Apps for QuickBooks Integration

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, getting advice like recommendations for the best mobile time tracking or payroll application can help you increase your productivity and boost your business’ bottom line. Perhaps you want to improve your business, invoicing, or accounting processes.

As of 2022, these are the 10 best apps for QuickBooks integration, all of which integrate with QuickBooks Online, can enhance your performance and meet your business’s specific needs.

1. Expensify Demystifies Expense Management

Expensify automates your expense management and receipt tracking tasks, so you’re free to do what you love most about running your business. If you’re holding on to old paper receipts or waiting for your accounting department’s approval of your expense claims, this app gives you relief.

Expensify handles your administrative work quickly and gets your cash flow going. After you snap photos of your receipts, upload them to this QuickBooks-compatible app, and fill in a few fields, this system generates approvals and reimbursements in 24 hours.

If you have credit card receipts to reconcile, the mobile app accesses your credit card feed and merges each transaction individually and automatically, whether they’re your corporate or personal cards.

Expensify charges for use on a pay-as-you-go system, so you pay only for your active users for that month. With this mobile app, you improve your business’ financial and administrative flows while you’re on the go.

2. Insightly Time Management App Builds Customer Relationships

When you build customer relationships, you create opportunities for earning repeat business, referrals, and general goodwill. Insightly is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, providing an exceptional utility that supports project management, strengthens your customer relationships, and boosts sales.

Managing contacts and tracking customers payments against project milestones keeps you on top of your responsibilities and timetables, so your customers stay happy. Insightly is available as a native iOS app that works on your iPhone or iPad and as an Android native app.

You can choose one of four plans ranging from starter plans that accommodate up to two people and 2,500 records to plans without restrictions on users or records. With these options, there’s no limit to how this app can accommodate your business growth.

3. QuickBooks Time Offers the Best Time Tracking App

QuickBooks Time ranks among the best time tracking apps and payroll apps for QuickBooks because you can customize it to your business needs. If you need a time management app or invoicing and payroll app for your freelancing or small business enterprise, QuickBooks Time covers those, too.

Its GPS tracking system allows you to track employees working remotely or in the office. You can create shift schedules, prepare job costing reports, and manage your workers’ time and pay. If you run a one-person operation, you might want the free version that gives you self-employed advice and tracking.

For teams or groups, the affordable paid plan with monthly per-user charges lets you use the same app to grow your business and control costs. This app’s convenient cloud-based system streamlines your administrative paperwork and eliminates paper time sheets.

QuickBooks Time links to your QuickBooks account, updates everything automatically and generates real-time reports. Taking advantage of the free trial is a significant first step to convince you how good it is.

4. Method: CRM is the Only CRM With a Two-Way Sync with QuickBooks

Customer relationship management software, Method: CRM allows you to manage all of your small business’ relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. It allows you to streamline your sales process, customize your invoices, quotes, and sales orders.

Plus, your customers contact and transaction history is all in one place, making it easier to work with your customers. In teams and groups, lead lists can be shared seamlessly, so that your staff always has up-to-date customer information.

Method: CRM creates a workflow that allows you to run your business more efficiently, especially when all your software is in sync. It’s real-time sync with QuickBooks consolidates customer history and accounting data, giving everyone on your team a 360-degree view of your customers.

5. Is Your Business Boat Equipped to Float?

Steady cash flow is the water that keeps your small business boat afloat. Combining automation and visualization technologies, Float gives you and your financial team an accurate cash flow forecasting baseline that updates itself every 24 hours with data from your QuickBooks account.

Instead of doing the heavy lifting to create a spreadsheet that goes out of date with a new transaction, you set up your projections and let this app access your live data to develop the forecasts you need.

This tool’s visual displays of your future working capital, along with bill and invoice tracking, reporting, and scenario planning, provide you with a total picture of your business’ health and available cash.

Seamless integration of this mobile app and QuickBooks empowers you to make investments, buy equipment, hand out bonuses, or take corrective action with confidence because you have up-to-date information.

6. SOS Inventory Offers Manufacturing Management Help

If your business involves manufacturing or managing inventory and orders, SOS Inventory might be your one-stop life-cycle solution. The developer designed and built this app for seamless integration with QuickBooks, so it enters your data efficiently without duplication, giving you bottom-line savings.

Whether you’re dealing with raw material conversions or tracking jobs, serial numbers, lots, and batches, you can sync it all to QuickBooks. When you need to ship to or from multiple locations, set pricing for customers, establish barcoding, or track costs for suppliers, this app handles it all, so you enjoy a continuous workflow.

Multiple plan options for two to five users and a free trial make it easy to see how much you can streamline your processes and gain more free time for other activities.

7. Webgility Unifies Records for Product Sales

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar retail seller or an online supplier, you want an app that simplifies record-keeping and integrates fully with QuickBooks. That’s what Webgility delivers. You can track sales tax, fees, revenue, and expenses from all of your sales channels, even if you’re doing business in marketplaces or on e-commerce platforms.

When working with group orders, you can have them post in QuickBooks as daily, weekly, or monthly single-batch transactions. If you do business with Amazon, you might appreciate the fast, easy, and accurate way this cloud-based app syncs and reconciles fees, expenses, refunds, and missing orders after an Amazon settlement period. Using this app streamlines your e-commerce transactions and inventory management, so you have more time for marketing and selling.

8. Futrli Delivers Wise Self-Employed Advice

Want to get good self-employed advice and make wise business decisions? Using reliable cash flow forecasting, cloud-based Futrli ensures your business plan remains a living document. When you need to know “What if,” consider worst-case and best-case scenarios, and get strong company reporting, this QuickBooks-compatible app gives it to you, and more.

Drawing real-time data from your QuickBooks account, this app analyzes it and takes it to the next level to guide your forecasting, reporting, and decision-making processes. Auto alerts and automated sales tax calculations keep you ahead in the numbers game, while performance snapshot tracking and scenario visualizations help you and your team see small details and the big picture.

9. Hubdoc Pulls Your Paperwork Together

If you want help in organizing paperwork, Hubdoc can complement your payroll app. This cloud-based app gathers your various documents and data from their locations and then syncs them seamlessly with QuickBooks. You can import financial documents from financial institutions, utility companies, online suppliers, and telecom providers.

Those bills, invoices, and receipts become coded QuickBooks transactions. Hubdoc enters your valuable data and attaches the source documents. Its smart Auto-Fetch system retrieves and matches every transaction from your bank, reconciles them, and audit-proofs them for your peace of mind. A single-user plan offers bank-level security with 256-bit encryption, so your documents and data are safe from mischievous or inquiring minds. Hubdoc lets you start eliminating your data entry chores and focus on your business development.

10. Fathom Analyzes Your Business Environment

You want to know how well your business is doing, and the suite of tools and metrics in Fathom lets you analyze your enterprise’s health. From cash flow to profitability, numerous performance indicators help you assess where you’ve been, where you are, and where you should go.

The Fathom app and QuickBooks integrate accounting data seamlessly, producing visuals of business intelligence data and trends you can see and act on. You receive information about financial and non-financial elements of your business operations that affect your bottom line. This app features a user-friendly dashboard that helps you examine and understand your business landscape and environment. Fathom also simplifies consolidation reporting and generates reports with the professional look you want.

If you’re a franchise owner you might be interested in this app’s optional feature that ranks, compares, and benchmarks franchisees, companies, or clients. Your company can sign up unlimited users, making it an ideal choice whether you’re a sole proprietor, small business owner, startup founder, or entrepreneur.

Whether you’re looking for a new time management app that boosts your efficiency or a payroll app that automates your administrative tasks, there’s one that fits your needs and integrates with QuickBooks. If you want to speed up your cash flow, track your expenses, create invoices, and/or simplify your payroll then QuickBooks Online is the solution for you! Learn more.

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