What Is an Employee Buyout Offer?

Offer your employees a buyout option to avoid downsizing and large-scale layoffs. An employee buyout offer helps you save money on operating costs, and it allows your employees to stay financially stable while looking for other employment opportunities.

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How to Form Strategic Business Alliances

Form a strategic business alliance to help your business reduce costs, expand your distribution network, or gain entry into a new market. A strategic alliance fosters the growth and success of both businesses while allowing each business to remain independent.

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What Is Cross-Merchandising?

Implement a cross-merchandising strategy to help your small business increase sales, attract customers, and improve customer satisfaction. Cross-merchandising helps create a one-stop shopping experience that persuades customer purchasing behaviours by encouraging complementary purchases.

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What Is Synergy?

Understand the basics of synergy when you consider a merger or acquisition with another business in order to reduce the costs and improve the profits for both companies.

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How to Become a Professional Lobbyist

Determine if you want to use your passion for a specific cause to create, develop or amend public policy by considering a career as an in-house lobbyist or consultant lobbyist.

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When is it Time to Hire a CEO?

Hire a CEO when you want to help improve the growth of your small business or you need to change the direction of management in order for you to focus on other areas of the business.

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What is a Seed Round?

Use a seed round to help your business secure the investments and partnerships you'll need to fund the initial expenses your business needs to grow and become successful.

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Engage Your Online Community With Influencer Marketing

Create trust and loyalty with your potential customers, while engaging your online community with the help of influencers and a strong influencer marketing campaign.

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