What’s Your Product-Market Fit?

Learn about product-market fit, and discover how you can find it for your business. Whether you're working with a prototype or an idea, you can use the process to refine your product so it meets the needs of your customers and skyrockets your company's growth.

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Understanding the Investment Canada Act

Learn about the Investment Canada Act, and find out how it affects you if you're looking to make an investment in a business in Canada. Whether you want to open a new business, buy a Canadian company, or expand your existing business, the Act affects how you can proceed.

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2018 Federal Budget Proposals Affecting Female Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Learn about the different programs that the 2018-2019 Canadian federal budget is establishing to help female entrepreneurs and business owners get ahead. With programs offering everything from educational funding to startup capital, you can build your business faster.

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International Trade Tools Help Small Businesses Expand Their Reach

Learn about different tools offered by the Canada's Trade Commissioner Service that can help you as you expand your company into international markets. Find out how to use the Spotlight on E-commerce, the Trade Barrier Registry, and the Canada Tariff Finder to streamline international trade for your small business.

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Recruiting and Retaining Workers in the Yukon

Discover different ways to recruit people to work at your company in the Yukon, and learn how to overcome common fears that workers have about moving so far northwest. Find out how to keep your workers happy and engaged once they get to your business to reduce turnover.

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What You Should Know About the Proposed Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program

Learn about the Government of Canada's proposed Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program, and find out how it promises to help Indigenous Peoples and businesses around the country. Discover benefits for workers, women, and individual companies.

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Vulnerable Sector Checks: Who Needs Them and How Do You Get One?

Learn about vulnerable sector checks and how they can be used to help in your hiring process. Find out who qualifies as a vulnerable population, which applicants can undergo a check, and how to go about getting a check for a potential employee or volunteer.

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Atlantic Shipbuilders: Use ASAP to Help Grow Your Business

Learn about the Canadian government's Atlantic Shipbuilding Action Plan, and find out how it can help your company participate in the government's $35 billion National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy. Learn about program resources and how to get involved.

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