Emily Retherford

Emily Retherford

Emily Retherford began her content writing career in 2008. She has an associate's degree in English and a bachelor's degree in Business Management with a focus on new media and internet marketing. Her areas of expertise include small business, finance, and marketing. In addition to her own websites, her work can be found on a variety of high-profile online websites.


How to Use Trade Incentive Programs to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Learn more about deferring or eliminating your taxes and duties payments on items your company imports using one of the programs offered by the Canada Border Services Agency. Eliminating or deferring tax payments lowers your overall cost, which could help you lower your prices.

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Tracking Your Internal Organizational Life Cycle

Learn more about organizational life cycles. Discover how tracking your company's life cycle changes helps you set goals that are realistic and attainable. Your company's current life cycle tells you where you need to go next.

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Use the PWGSC to Find Opportunities to Bid on Federal Contracts

Learn how to use the PWGSC website to find federal contracts to bid on. Whether you want to become a supplier for the federal government or land a contract for your service-based business, the PWGSC website has information you need to structure your future bids correctly.

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Can Local Line Help Your Direct-to-Consumer Food Business?

Learn more about Local Line to determine whether the service is right for your direct-to-consumer food business. Discover how the tool helps you connect with new customers, including restaurant owners and chefs, and helps you increase your sales.

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Social Enterprises in Nova Scotia: Use the Social Enterprise Network for Help

Make an impact in your community by using your business as a tool for the greater good. Nova Scotia is one of only two provinces to have a law that recognizes social enterprises as businesses. This means you can pursue your social interests without going broke.

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Recording an Accounting Impairment Loss in Your Business

Learn what an impairment loss is and how you can determine if your asset has an impairment loss for you to write off. By writing off impairment losses, your business can save a few bucks on its taxes.

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Should I Withdraw or Reinvest Earnings?

Learn why you shouldn't take random withdraws from your company to pay yourself, and review the pros and cons of paying yourself an annual salary or through dividends to decide which payment option is right for you.

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How to Obtain a Temporary Certification of Compliance for a New Senior Residential Facility in Quebec

Learn how to obtain a Temporary Certificate of Compliance from the Ministry of Health and Social Services so you can open your new senior residential facility. Discover some of the requirements needed to qualify and the process to obtain your certificate.

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