Fisheries: How to Get a Loan Guarantee

Qualify for a fishery loan guarantee through a program backed by the Fisheries and Aquaculture Development Board to help you get the cash needed to grow your business. The money can be used to purchase licenses, boats and other equipment.

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How Canada is Fighting the War on Patent Trolls

Prepare to fight against the patent trolls with the assistance of business networks. The Canadian government also offers several low-cost options to help you wage a war against frivolous lawsuits.

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5 Field Service Management Apps That Can Make Your Life Easier

Incorporate field service management apps into the workflow of your service-based business to help save both time and money. Choose from a variety of applications to schedule appointments, create invoices, and even locate the fastest routes between jobs.

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Google Updates Meta Description Lengths: What Does This Mean for You?

Take advantage of Google's new longer META description length to help draw traffic to your site. Provide a more detailed description, and optimize the use of keywords to make user's want to click.

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What You Need to Know About Workers’ Rights to Refuse Dangerous Work

Understand the rights and regulations for an employee to refuse the right to dangerous work when assigning certain jobs to teams. Follow the proper procedures to keep employees safe and to maintain productivity.

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Increase Profits at Your Florist Business Through Upselling

Increase profits for your florist shop by learning how to upsell on each purchase. Teach employees to make suggestions to customers, and create active incentives to help drive sales. Discover best practices for upselling to your customers.

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Training Employees on How to Use New Technology or Equipment

Stay one step ahead of the competition by introducing new technologies into your business. By initiating regular training sessions and by using several different methods of education, you can keep your employees knowledgeable on new processes and make them more productive and confident in their job abilities.

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Opening the Lines of Communication in the Workplace

Connect with employees daily to create strong relationships in the workforce that foster greater productivity, result in less absenteeism, and encourage a steady flow of ideas.

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