Accounting Tip: Registered Charities Cannot Always Issue Donation Receipts for Donated Gift Cards or Certificates

Find out what your nonprofit clients must know about issuing receipts for charitable giving. Under CRA rules, it isn't always possible to issue a donation receipt for gifts, and gift certificates face special exclusions of their own. Learn the rules and help your clients stay out of trouble at tax time.

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What Is Money Laundering?

Learn to spot the telltale signs of money laundering in some of your clients' financial activities. Even seemingly minor things like making small, hard-to-trace transactions can be suggestive of wrongdoing, and it's in your accounting firm's interest to spot such activity before the authorities do.

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Is Your Business Preparing for GDPR Compliance?

Have a look at the European Union's incoming privacy rules, the GDPR, and determine whether your company is already compliant. Under the new rules, unintentional data privacy violations could bring serious fines, so review your systems and get ready for the May 25, 2018, rollout.

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What You Should Know About Statutory Holidays

Study the rules covering Canada's statutory holidays, and make sure your small business stays within the law. Rules vary by jurisdiction and by the type of work your employees do, so it's a good idea to stay abreast of the rules that apply in your industry and province.

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5 Reasons You Should Provide Cellphones for Employees

Save money, streamline communications, and keep everybody in touch with company-paid cellphone plans. This increasingly popular employee perk can connect your workforce, speed up project completion and boost company morale, all while saving your business money.

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Minimizing Employee Sick Time in Your Office During Cold and Flu Season

Keep your workers safe — and your business profitable — by limiting the spread of viruses in your office. Taking just a few simple steps can cut losses from sick time during the worst of cold and flu season.

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Small Business Terms: What Is Seed Capital?

Raise capital to start a new business by trading equity in your future company for money in the here-and-now. Seed capital is a fast, efficient way to get a new idea off the ground, while offering a handsome return for your early investors.

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How to Draft an Organization Chart

Take a look at the two main types of organization charts. Learn what they are, why they're especially useful for accounting functions, and how to get started drafting one of your own.

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