5 Reasons You Should Provide Cellphones for Employees

Save money, streamline communications, and keep everybody in touch with company-paid cellphone plans. This increasingly popular employee perk can connect your workforce, speed up project completion and boost company morale, all while saving your business money.

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How to Draft an Organization Chart

Take a look at the two main types of organization charts. Learn what they are, why they're especially useful for accounting functions, and how to get started drafting one of your own.

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Why You Should Pursue or Renew a CPA Certification

Think seriously about earning your CPA and becoming one of Canada's most respected business professionals. CPAs are always in demand, usually well-paid, and often thrilled with how cool their job can be. Make the CPA part of your career planning early, and go all the way to the top.

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What to Do When Your Employees Consistently Miss Deadlines

Investigate missed deadlines like a professional. Learn what to look for, where your problems are most likely to pop up, and how to address them when (or before) they inflict a costly delay.

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How to Structure an Effective Business Speech

Write a business speech that can effectively convey what you're trying to tell your audience without letting yourself get nervous or distracted. Make use of a few key tips to turn your thoughts into actionable talking points for any crowd you're facing.

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How to Accept Cryptocurrency in Your Business

Expand your sale and payment options with point-of-sale software that lets you accept cryptocurrencies. The success of Bitcoin has created a demand among customers to pay with the secure online currency, and your business can be one of the first to answer it.

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