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Guide to Small Business Grants in New Brunswick

Are you a small business owner in New Brunswick looking for some financial help? This funding grants guide can help companies find New Brunswick small business grants to help them start, manage, or expand their operations. This includes New Brunswick government grants for small businesses and other third-party organizations aimed at helping businesses and individual professionals within the province.

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Applying for Small Business Grants New Brunswick

When applying for business grants within the province of New Brunswick, companies will need to provide essential information and documentation to those managing the grants before receiving any support. Although documentation criteria differ from grant to grant, businesses should gather the following information to make the process easier when applying:

  • Proof that you have registered your business in Canada, specifically a registered business with Service NB, along with any other necessary business permits or licenses
  • The business’s employee list, including how many workers are employed altogether
  • A project plan proposal including project description, scope, timeline, and budget
  • Financial reports illustrating the financial health of your own business
  • Letters of recommendation
  • A statement illustrating how the proposed project will affect the New Brunswick industries and economy
  • A follow-up report outlining how the grant amount has been allocated and the results

Who is Eligible for Small Business Grants in New Brunswick?

Eligibility for small business grants in New Brunswick is based on specific criteria that individuals must meet before successfully applying for and receiving funding from government agencies and other funding opportunities. In many cases, the grants listed below can be applied for by small businesses and organizations, whether for-profit or non-profits or individuals and artistic groups within Atlantic Canada.

  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs applying to these grants will almost always need to be a resident of the province of New Brunswick and illustrate they have been NB residents for at least a year before their application submission. At the same time, successful applicants will also be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Arts Industry Business Development Grants

New Brunswick Art Grants

What is it?

New Brunswick Art Grants cover multiple funding streams and business development opportunities that businesses and individuals operating within the arts and culture industry can take advantage of.

  • Artist in Residence: Individual artists can apply for funding to help them pursue their art. The program’s resources also help public and private businesses and organizations in New Brunswick partner with these artists to complete projects related to their creative work.
  • Arts Infrastructure Grant for New and Emerging Artists: This project-based assistance offers a one-time capital acquisition for emerging artists within New Brunswick. Funding will help cover the cost of equipment needed to complete an artist project and strengthen their artistic development.
  • Career Development: This one-stop service is aimed at supporting artistic professionals pursuing a career in the arts. Funding will cover four main streams, covering New Brunswick artists’ expenses in pursuit of creative development and professionalization.
  • Creation: Senior artists, mid-career artists, and emerging artists can apply through this program to receive funding that will cover the research, development, and execution of original projects in the arts.
  • Documentation: This grant program offers assistance to arts professionals and professional arts, providing financial support to cover costs associated with the research, development, and execution of original documentation and contextualization of art products, art activities, or art history.
  • Equinox Program for Indigenous Artists: Indigenous artists, groups, and curators can receive financial support through this program that focuses on professional development and artistic creation. Individual and collective groups of Indigenous artists can apply for funding to cover the creation and exhibition of artistic works, research and development of new works, or activities that support the Indigenous arts community.
  • Accessibility and Equity: Applicants applying to all other grants under this organization also have the opportunity to apply for this accessibility support. With two streams of funding, applicants that self-identify as Deaf, have disabilities, or live with a mental illness can receive additional financial support to cover the cost of disability-related support that are needed to carry out their proposed artistic project.

How much is awarded?

Artist in Residence: Under this incentives program, individual artists can receive up to 100% of their eligible expenses covered, up to a maximum contribution of $5,000 for a 6-month project period or $10,000 for a 12-month project period. Institutions and organizations applying for the grant to fund an artist to help them with their art business needs and creative projects can receive up to 50% on eligible expenses, with a maximum contribution of $5,000 for a 6 month period, or $10,000 for a 12 month period.

Arts Infrastructure Grant for New and Emerging Artists: The maximum grant amount provided to artists under this program is $2,500. Funding must be used to cover eligible costs, such as a one-time acquisition of artistic equipment, software, or peripherals needed for creative works or a one-time capital improvement to cover the cost of improving the artist’s studio, rehearsal space, or production space.

Career Development: Funding is split into four streams, all of which offer eligible applicants financial resources between $1,000 and $10,000 to cover expenses of their proposed projects, artistic development, or professionalization.

Creation: The maximum contribution awarded to senior artists is $16,500, while mid-career artists can receive up to $11,000 and emerging artists can obtain $5,500. In all three cases, this financial assistance can be used to cover eligible expenses, such as project execution costs, living allowances, and transportation and accommodation costs.

Documentation: This financial support proposal proposes a maximum grant amount of $8,500 to be used to cover the cost of eligible expenses, such as living allowances, execution costs, and transportation and accommodation expenses.

Equinox Program for Indigenous Artists: Successful applicants to this grant can receive up to a maximum contribution amount of $5,000.

Accessibility and Equity: This funding is awarded on a case-by-case basis by artsnb staff, who can provide access support funding that cannot exceed 50% of the grant request. For example, a Deaf applicant applying as a mid-career artist for the creation grant will receive $11,000 and up to an additional $5,500 as part of the accessibility grant.

Who can apply?

In almost all grant cases, the eligibility criteria are the same. Individual artists can apply if they have professional artist status unless the grant is specifically for artist students who would not need this status. All applicants must also be Canadian citizens or permanent residents and have resided in New Brunswick for a minimum of 12 months before applying. The project proposal must meet all requirements per grant allocation.

In all cases, artists and organizations must not have any overdue Final Report for any projects funded by Arts New Brunswick, or must not have previously received funding in a grants program managed by ArtsNB.

Specifically, for the Equinox Program for Indigenous Artists grant, applicants must hold Indigenous status. On the same note, to apply for the Accessibility and Equity grants, applicants must self-identify as either Deaf, having a disability, and/or are living with mental illness.

How to apply?

To apply to any of these funding opportunities, individuals and small businesses or organizations can start the process through the ArtsNB portal. You must first create an account and designate the funding resources before uploading all necessary information and documentation.

New Brunswick Music Industry Development (MID) Program

What is it?

The New Brunswick Music Industry Development (MID) Program is a financial support incentive managed by the Music·Musique NB (MNB). This provincial music industry association aims to support and foster the New Brunswick music sector through project investments proposed by individual artists, groups, or music businesses based in New Brunswick.

How much is awarded?

Successful applicants of this New Brunswick small business grant can receive up to a maximum investment of $10,000 with all components combined, excluding Sound Recording, and within a fiscal year.

Who can apply?

Musicians, industry professionals, and music businesses that pay taxes to the New Brunswick government are eligible for funding under this program. That being said, applicants must be an individual or registered business with Service NB. Grant applicants must also be a resident of New Brunswick for at least 12 months prior to submission of application. For group applications, the majority of members must be residents of New Brunswick.

In most cases, applicants do not need to be a Music·Musique NB member to be eligible for funding. Cover bands and tribute bands are not eligible for financing.

How to apply?

For more information on these resources and to start the application process, contact the Mid Programs officer at

Marketing & Promotion Component

What is it?

The Marketing & Promotion Component is another financial resources program put on by the Music·Musique NB (MNB) that focuses on supporting provincial artists with their marketing, social media, and promotional activities. Projects that are eligible for support include marketing plan development, marketing activities surrounding a tour or showcase, social media campaigns, video productions, and the promotion and marketing of sound recordings.

How much is awarded?

The maximum contribution awarded to artists is $4,000 per applicant.

Who can apply?

Eligible entrepreneurs include individuals and registered businesses with Service NB. All individual or business-based applicants must be NB residents for twelve consecutive months before the date of their application.

Businesses submitting projects intended for artists must identify artists who have also been residents of New Brunswick for at least one year before submitting.

For artistic groups, the majority of members must be residents of New Brunswick. However, cover bands and tribute bands are not eligible for funding.

How to apply?

The association suggests contacting their MID Program Officer before applying. You can reach out to this officer by email,, or telephone at 506-383-6171.

Business Investment Credits

Small Business Investor Tax Credit

What is it?

Sometimes New Brunswick government grants funding can take the form of tax credits, like the Small Business Investor Tax Credit. NB government agencies offer individual investors, corporations, or trust investors who invest in small businesses, community economic development corporations, and associations in New Brunswick a 15% to 50% non-refundable personal income tax credit on their income return.

How much is awarded?

Funding takes the form of a non-refundable personal income tax credit, in which eligible investors can claim up to $125,000 per year for investments of up to $250,000. The Government of New Brunswick allows this credit to be carried forward for seven years or back three years on the investor’s income tax return.

Under this tax credit, corporations and trust-eligible investors looking to invest in New Brunswick businesses can also receive a 15% non-refundable corporate income tax credit of up to $75,000 per year for investments of up to $500,000.

Who can apply?

All business sectors within the province of New Brunswick are eligible for investments. For investors to become eligible for the tax credit, they must make a minimum total investment of $1,000, while corporations and trust investors must meet a minimum investment of $50,000. Individual investors must be over 19 and be a resident of New Brunswick. Corporations must have a permanent establishment within the province.

On top of these requirements, investors must hold the investment for a minimum of four years, and they cannot use any government or third-party financial assistance in the acquisition of those shares.

How to apply?

Applicants must first apply for the Certificate of Registration with the Government of New Brunswick, followed by the application for a Tax Credit Certificate to start the credit application process.

Technology Integration Grants

Digital Main Street (DMS) New Brunswick

What is it?

The Digital Main Street (DMS) New Brunswick program assists businesses that wish to improve their digital skills and services through four support streams, covering financial assistance as well as other resources. The four Digital Main Street Programs include:

  • Digital Main Street Platform: Resources are provided to main street businesses for free digital assessment, recommending tools and technologies that will help them with their business goals.
  • Digital Main Street Training: Training programs such as this support the learning and development of businesses through workshops.
  • Digital Service Squad: This group provides business applicants with on-boarding of free tools to get them started with their digital transformation.
  • Digital Transformation Grant: Funding supports businesses with the financial cost of digital marketing services, website design, software upgrades, digital training, and hardware.

How much is awarded?

Support through this Digital Main Street platform is mostly provided in the form of free services and online digital tools, meaning there's no actual funding awarded. That being said, the Digital Transformation grant is the only New Brunswick small business grant that offers financial support. This grant provides businesses with a maximum non-repayable contribution of up to $3,000.

Who can apply?

Eligible entrepreneurs and businesses must be a main street business that employs 1 to 25 workers and is a registered business or corporation in New Brunswick. Businesses must already be established at the time of application, meaning no startup companies. Businesses cannot supply digital services to other businesses, and they must not be a franchise, non-profit, or purely an online business.

Finally, the business owner must be a New Brunswick resident operating within the province, 18 years of age or older, and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

How to apply?

Start the application process when you register your small business on the Digital Main Street portal. You can also contact to learn more.

No matter what New Brunswick government grants for small businesses or third-party support programs you wish to apply for, you’ll need the right documentation. Secure your needed New Brunswick small business grants when you use QuickBooks Online to help you manage your books, generate financial reports, and organize your business finances. Then, get your funding off to the right start when you sign up for a free trial with Intuit today!

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