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8 Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service for Small Businesses

When businesses choose to hire an external service provider for their internal business functions and processes, this is known as outsourcing. Companies can outsource all kinds of tasks and responsibilities, including their customer services.

Outsourcing customer service benefits businesses of all sizes and types, as it provides them with the ability to secure professional services at a lower price point than they might otherwise have to pay a full-time employee. Companies will typically hire outsourced call centres and customer support centres to fulfill these duties.

But what kind of benefits can small business owners expect when they choose to outsource their customer support needs? 

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1. Improved Coverage for Full Support

Your business might not be able to offer customer support 24/7, but you quite easily could if you were to outsource such services. Outsourcing these responsibilities to a call centre means your customer support won’t stop when your regular employees go home for the day. You gain after-hours coverage and your customers receive better service overall.

2. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Providing extensive coverage and full support to your customers will result in improved customer satisfaction. Customer support outsourcing means your customers will receive quality care from customer service teams who make a living by dealing with people. When your customers know there will be an answer on the other side of the phone line, they are more likely to turn to your business again and again.

3. Saves Money and Resources

You don’t pay the wages and benefits of customer support centres like you otherwise would have to for an internal support team making it a cost effective move. You also won’t need to outfit your small business with the technology and tools to cover these needs, as they are already taken care of. You just pay a fee for their entire service instead. Such a decrease in expenses can net you and your business financial savings overall.

4. Multilingual Support

For businesses with a diverse customer base, it should be essential for your company to offer multilingual support to cover all of your customers’ needs. Customer service outsourcing can provide this support, as they staff trained customer service agents who offer multilingual services with an array of languages to choose from. Therefore, providing multilingual support is a great way to improve the customer service experience overall.

5. Expert Skill Set at Your Disposal

Outsourced customer service representatives will have specialized training for this front-facing role. They will know the techniques for turning customer complaints into opportunities and can de-escalate situations with angry clients, more so than your regular employees might know how to handle. Such training can be invaluable for creating a satisfying interaction for your customers.

6. Use of Industry-Leading Technology

Outsourcing your customer service to call centre services means obtaining not only industry-leading knowledge but also its technology. The primary objective of these call centre services is to provide customer support to businesses, meaning all of their processes, training, and equipment are tailored for this purpose.

Just like you would gain cutting-edge technology for IT outsourcing services, so too will outsourced support services provide you with this added benefit of industry-specific technology. Their equipment can handle larger traffic, with multi-line support and holding services. This also means you don’t have to foot the bill for the required technology.

7. Receive Professional Customer Training for Employees

The added advantage of hiring an external entity for your customer service needs means learning from their expertise. Depending on the company or service you partnered with for your customer support functions, they may offer training services for your business’ employees. If this is something you think your workforce could benefit from, then you’ll want to inquire about these training services before settling on a support centre.

8. Good Scalability

Customer service outsourcing is a great solution to a business’ scalability problem. If your small business is looking to expand, then you need to have the capacity to support new growth. Outsourcing customer support is an easy way to ensure decent scalability as customer service providers have the means to cover the increase in business and customer traffic.

Using Contact Centre Services

A contact centre service, also known as a customer interaction centre, is the main hub for providing customer support. From technical support and product support to customer services and sales assistance, these centres cover the various channels and needs of a business’ customer support line.

Many of these call centre services in Canada offer both inbound and outbound call support, meaning they receive and make calls to customers. Their customer service staff will work with businesses of all types and sizes to help them with their customer support, tailoring their services according to the business’ needs.

If you’re looking to outsource your business’ customer service, then consider using one of these top outsourced customer support services.

Enlisting Professional Help

If you’re enlisting the help of professional outsourcing companies when it comes to outsourcing your customer services, why not consider using professional software to help you with your accounts needs as well! QuickBooks Online helps businesses track expenses, such as customer support outsourcing fees, and other operational expenses, so business owners can keep accurate tabs on all of their finances.

Join for free today to gain the support you need to succeed.

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