Free HVAC Invoice Template

When extreme weather hits, your customers rely on their HVAC systems to provide comfort. This means that your small business stays busy with maintenance, emergency repairs, and installations.


An HVAC invoice template provides essential information for your client so they know what they’re paying for. You can also use the invoice template to create a bid for new construction or an estimate for repairs.


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What Items Should Be Listed on a HVAC Invoice?

Basic Cost of a Visit

Whether you call this charge a home visit fee or a fee for determining the issue, you want to get paid if you make a visit to a home and determine the issue with their HVAC system.


This is a charge you use only when the homeowner or commercial property owner decides to do the repair themselves after you invest time in finding the problem and solution.


However, when it comes down to it, the homeowner may not be able to make repairs themselves, so include an estimate for the services needed. That way, they can call you if they decide to let a professional tackle the work.


Bids and Estimates


If your HVAC company works on new construction project, you might need to offer a bid or estimate to earn the business. A free printable HVAC invoice template provides the flexibility to create a professional bid and estimate. Listing detailed expectations of labour and parts costs ensures that the prospective client understands the services your company offers.


Supplies and Parts


While you probably don’t charge the customer for your hammers and nails, you do need to charge them for ducts, replaced parts, and HVAC systems. On the invoice, list each part as a separate line item with comprehensive details, including:


– Brand
– Model number
– Part number
– Color
– Material
– Description
– Price per item

When it comes to duct work, you may use different lengths, so list the various lengths as different line items. You want your client to have as much information as possible to limit questions when the bill comes due.



From yearly maintenance on an HVAC system to installation of a new system, labour is one of the biggest charges on your invoice. But how much do you charge for your labour?

PayScale can help you determine how much you charge as an hourly rate. You can also use this information to set salaries for your employees. Listing labour on the invoice can be done in a few ways:

You can break the job labour down by hours spent working and prorate partial hours; another option is a flat rate for labour. You might use a flat rate for things like yearly maintenance visits to make it easier to quote prices.