Free IT Services Invoice Template

Many individuals and organizations with computers require information technology (IT) security services, so your small IT business can find many types of clients, from one-time customers to individuals that require ongoing monthly services.


An IT invoice template helps you effectively bill your clients and minimizes questions that keep payments from arriving on time.


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What to include on an IT Services Invoice

Consultation Fee


An individual or company may want to know what they need to do to keep their information secure, but they don’t want to hire a firm to handle day-to-day monitoring. Your time is money, so you should charge a fee to provide the client with your specialized knowledge.

Not sure how much to charge? Your hourly rate depends on your level of experience and education. PayScale can help you determine an hourly rate by detailing what other IT security specialists with similar qualifications charge.



You may need to install software on your client’s computer to ensure the safety of their online data. Some software programs charge a flat fee, while others are subscription-based and require yearly renewal. Most software only allows a certain number of users before you must pay an additional fee.


On your IT security invoice, list all software expenses as separate line items. Provide as much detail as possible, including:

  • – Software name
  • – Brand
  • – Subscription start date
  • – Subscription renewal date
  • – Number of authorized computers
  • – Cost to add additional computers
  • – Benefits of the software


Labour and Time

Using PayScale, determine the average cost of services provided, and then decide whether to bill for your time by the hour or by the job. If you’re diagnosing a problem, you might consider billing by the hour. Installing software might incur a set fee. Provide as much detail as possible on the invoice. For example, you could write installing ABC software with a cost for labour at $45 an hour.


Monthly Maintenance


Once you’ve secured a company or individual’s information, you might check on them every few days and make yourself available for any emergencies. On your IT security invoice, list this service as a monthly maintenance expense, along with the amount due.

While you expect immediate payment from an individual or a one-time customer, you can offer different payment terms to repeat clients or small businesses who require monthly maintenance. The most common payment terms are net 30 and net 10\. Net 30 means that you expect payment 30 days from the invoice date, while net 10 gives the client 10 days to pay from the invoice date.

Offering a variety of payment methods helps the customer pay you in a more timely manner.


Some payment methods you should consider accepting include:


  • – Cash
  • – Cheques
  • – Debit cards
  • – Credit cards
  • Online payments
  • – Mobile payments