Free Photography Invoice Template

Whether you’re a wedding photographer or a freelance nature photographer who markets to magazine and website publishers, you need to invoice your clients. Download this free photo invoice template to send to your customers or clients and collect payment.


Download this free photography invoice template now:

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Should You Charge an Initial Consultation Fee?


As a professional photographer, you may want to bill clients for consultations, sitting fees, and your work product. For business-to-consumer transactions, you might decide to offer free initial consultations, while charging your business clients for their initial consultations. When you charge a consultation fee and your potential client offers you the job, you can decide to apply all or part of the fee to your contract price. To charge or not to charge? The answer is whatever works best for your business model, marketing strategy, and cash-flow goals.


Things to Include in Your Photography Invoice Template


Your contract with your customer or client determines what goes into your photography invoice template, though you always want to separate your contract price –which is the amount the client pays for your work – from any goods and services tax (GST) and harmonized sales tax (HST) you must collect.


Imagine you’re a wedding photographer and you have a contract with a couple that wants studio portraits shot the week before their wedding, as well as coverage of the wedding ceremony and reception. You don’t charge an initial consultation fee, but under your standard agreement, clients pay 50% of the contract price up front. When you complete the final photo session, your clients pay the remaining 50% plus tax and additional costs. The price includes a package of two large framed portraits, two 8x10s, two 5x7s, eight wallet-size photos and a large wedding photo book with 15 photos of their choice. The clients can also purchase additional custom photo packages or single photographs.


Now that your clients are happily married, it’s time to collect your balance. Your photo invoice template should show:


-The contract price for the studio, wedding, and reception sessions and package ($5,000)
-A brief description of the work location and your scope of work
-The dates you started and finished the work
-Credit for the 50% initial payment you received ($2,500) and the date you received it
-The amount of GST/HST you must collect
-The balance owed ($2,500 plus GST/HST) and the due date


Your photography invoice should also include to whom the payment should be made, acceptable payment forms, and the names, addresses, and contact information of the invoice sender and recipient.


When to Send Photography Invoices


While some photographers invoice clients monthly to reduce their administrative paperwork time, small-business experts recommend sending invoices immediately after you finish a project. Immediate invoicing keeps you from carrying your clients’ debts for longer than your contract requires, and it also strengthens your cash flow. Cloud-based software and mobile apps can streamline your invoicing processes.


Speed Up Payments With Mobile Invoicing


Using mobile invoicing to receive payments faster is a good option for busy self-employed photographers. Choices including the QuickBooks Online app and QuickBooks Self-Employed simplify creating and sending invoices, saving you administrative time. You get a message as soon as your client or customer sees your photography invoice, and they can pay you right in the app. Convenient and downloadable, this app even sends your money straight to your account. Instead of waiting to deposit cheques, you can focus on snapping up business.