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Quickbooks Assistant is Here to Help

Stay on top of your finances with Quickbooks Self-Employed Assistant. Ask questions such as “what did I spend most on” or “how many business kilometers did I log” and you will get the answers you need in seconds.

How to use QuickBooks Assistant

  1. Download and launch the Quickbooks Self-Employed app.
  2. Select “Help” by selecting the profile icon on your app or tap on the green (+) button on the home dashboard screen.
  3. Ask a question or choose a topic you need help with.
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Benefits of using QuickBooks Assistant

  • Ease of Use: QuickBooks Assistant understands a wide variety of financial questions. Customers simply ask how much money they made, what they’ll owe in taxes, or which customers are most profitable – and QuickBooks Assistant will share the answer, no need to toggle between screens or set up queries.
  • Time Savings: Using chat helps customers instantly access their financial snapshot with a simple question or command, making it easier than ever to review data or information.
  • Business Confidence:  Customers now access the insights necessary to make financial decisions when it matters most, and feel confident that they are making intelligent, informed decisions about their finances whenever, wherever.
  • Mobile Office: Whether newly self-employed or a veteran of the gig economy, people who work for themselves are regularly on the go, focused on their businesses, with limited office time to review key business metrics and finances.
  • How to Guide:  For people who are unfamiliar with specific features or capabilities of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Assistant now acts as a “how to” guide – answering questions about how to add an account, create an invoice and more – making the product even easier to use than ever before.

QuickBooks Assistant is available today in QuickBooks Self-Employed for iOS and Android, and will be released for QuickBooks Online in 2018 with a beta now available in QuickBooks Labs. Both products are targeted at helping the self-employed and small businesses better manage their finances, with easy to use features and services that make everything from expense tracking to invoicing and tax payments easier and more seamless.

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