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Best Technology and Apps for Florists

Running your small business as a florist can be challenging. You need to schedule deliveries, plan orders, and accept payments. Today’s digital landscape continues to expand in creating software and apps to assist small businesses. As a small business owner, the creation of new technology and applications can help you more effectively and efficiently manage and run your company.


Setmore is a great app to use to help you set up appointments . If a customer needs you to visit a location to consult on arrangements, setup, and what flowers and plants would best suit the layout, consider downloading Setmore. This app lets you list the days and times when you’re available, as well as the services you offer. The app is also ideal for forgetful customers, because it allows you to send reminders by email and by text. Setmore also helps you store contact information, which is perfect for giving repeat and regular customers first choice when they’re booking appointments.


Flowerwheel is an excellent app for helping your clients pick out different types of flowers for various occasions. The app has photos and descriptions of 500 possible flowers for customers to choose from. It also lets you save favourites and email them. This can be extremely helpful if, for example, various family members want to communicate with each other regarding choices for floral arrangements for a wedding.

QuickBooks Self-Employed

The QuickBooks Self-Employed app tackles many elements you’ll have to deal with on a regular basis. This app has a simple interface that lets you to simply grab your phone or mobile device and track all of your expenses on the go. This is ideal if you’ve been managing your floral business payments and expenses straight from your personal bank account, which could cause you a ton of headaches at tax time. With the QuickBooks app, each time you complete a transaction, you can label the transaction as personal or business-related. The app keeps track of these expenditures and incoming funds, making it much easier to keep track of billing and deductible amounts when tax season rolls around. The Self-Employed Accounting app can also use GPS locating software in your phone or tablet to track mileage. Once you complete a trip, you can dictate whether this mileage log is personal or if it should be counted as a business trip, so you can deduct the cost of gas and other aspects of the trip at tax time. On top of all this, QuickBooks Self-Employed can link directly to your bank account and can record payments from customers on the go. This way, you can continuously monitor the balances in your accounts and keep track of payments that may not have been processed correctly. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to find and use technology and apps that help you work and live more efficiently. The right app can smooth the running of your small business significantly.

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