Tabitha Osler from fairechild
Running a business

Tabitha Osler is Making a Sustainable Impact this Holiday Season

Name: Tabitha Osler

Location: Dartmouth, NS

Business: fairechild

What does your business offer? 

We design sustainable, waterproof outerwear for children and adults. All of our garments are made from 100% recycled materials and the pieces are also themselves recyclable.

What seasonal products are you introducing this holiday season?

This season we are most excited about the Harbour Coat, our best-selling coat for Adults. The minimalist design perfectly transitions from work to weekend adventures. The Harbour Coat is an elegant silhouette for women that allows you to move with ease, because of the straight cut, adjustable raglan sleeves and it sits above the knees. The attached hood is accented with subtle brass snaps and the asymmetrical, waterproof pocket creates a lovely sense of balance. This is also our first adult coat to have a zipper, adding a modern touch to this new fairechild classic. It will bring a smile to the lucky recipient of such a thoughtful, timeless gift.

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Children posing in fairechild clothing

What are some of the challenges you face during the holiday season that you have overcome or are working to overcome?

Our products span all four seasons, transitioning with proper layering from fall to winter, with ease. Our challenge is to educate our customers on optimal layering systems to stay both warm and dry through snow, slush, muck and more. We have two great blogs about base layers, interlayers and of course, your optimal waterproof, windproof, and breathable outerlayer, fairechild. 

 What do you think is the most important thing a business owner needs to do to prepare for the holiday season?

Get organized! Ensure you have inventory to meet projections, plan marketing according to your customer profiles, and make sure you are giving back to your customers who support you year round.

How do you keep sane during the holiday season?

We do a staff retreat to a spa in October and December. This helps us connect on a deeper level, decompress and have a good laugh about the stresses of the holidays.

What advice can you offer to up-and-coming small business owners during the holiday season?

Be modest in your projections to ensure you have cash flow if you don’t meet your projections.

What holiday traditions do you and your employees take part in?

We have a staff party every year that brings us all together. We exchange gifts, play Christmas music and love to have a fresh wreath in the studio.

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Get organized! Ensure you have inventory to meet projections, plan marketing according to your customer profiles, and make sure you are giving back to your customers who support you year round.

What are three things you feel have contributed to your success during the holiday season as a business owner? 

Planning, planning, planning. You cannot plan enough! Our strategic marketing plan combined with communication with the sales and logistics team is key.

When you’re having a tough day, who or what inspires you to keep going? 

My children. They are my motivating force and always bring me back to what is important.

How do you see QuickBooks helping you during the holiday rush?

We love the automations and integrations QuickBooks offers to make our bookkeeping as efficient as possible with uptick in sales.

What is your favourite Christmas song and why?

White Christmas by Bing Crosby. I watched this movie over and over as a child and it makes life so much better. (I listen to Christmas music year round).

How do you decompress after the holiday rush?

We fly to Portugal for January to break free from the stress and pressures of the holidays. We invest in the experience and keep gift giving to a minimum. This helps us to keep clutter and stress at bay and focus on connecting with each other.

What are the next big plans you have for your business?

We are expanding our adult collection. Our adult pieces sell out quickly and we have decided to expand that part of the business.

Is there anything else about your business or entrepreneurship journey that you’d like to share? 

The economic climate at the moment is tumultuous and quite honestly, scary. Get ready now by securing credit, focusing on sales and keeping overhead low. Good Luck!

To learn more about fairechild and support their business, visit their website or check them out on Instagram.

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