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challenges with online support

Has anyone else had problems with online support disappearing in mid-chat?


Twice in two weeks now I was chatting with online support, and suddenly without warning, the support person left the chat and never came back.


I was never transferred to anyone else and after a minute or two, the chat was terminated by QB.


Today when this happened, I tried to initiate a new chat, and five times got the message "something went wrong, try refreshing your screen".


I kept the transcripts of the chats. The last one had not even completed the verification process when the QB person left the chat.


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QuickBooks Team

challenges with online support

Hi woodstream,


Thanks for reaching out to us here. I'll be happy to share more and steer you in the right direction so you can get back to doing what you love. 


I encourage you to check the following variables that can cause the chat to drop:


  • Sudden loss of internet connection
  • Piled-up cache on your browser
  • System or server issues

I also recommend clearing cache and cookies on your browser. Clearing cache and cookies helps with fixing most browser issues. You can do this by following the steps in this article: Clear Cache and Cookies. I encourage you to give this a try on your browser when you get a chance. 


Feel free to let me know what happens. I'll be here in case you have other questions. 

Level 1

challenges with online support

this is not a problem with chat dropping, the chat window stayed up just fine. It is a problem with QB Help Desk leaving the chat.


Also, items #1 and #2 don't apply. And I will not clear my cache, too much important stuff in there. Last time I did so, not only did it NOT fix the problem, it took me weeks to recover. And please explain exactly why a problem with cache would cause me to get a message saying "xyz has left the chat", with no other changes?


AND, when I tried to post this message before, I got an "authentication failure" message from QB./..

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