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QuickBooks Online doesn't load correctly or has blank pages

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

If you are experiencing pages that aren't fully loading in QuickBooks Online, there are three possible scenarios which may be causing the problem. But before you start troubleshooting, make sure that you clear your browser's cache and internet temporary files first. For instructions, see Clear cache and cookies to fix issues when using QuickBooks Online.

After clearing your browser’s temporary internet files, check for the following scenarios:

  • Your company name has special characters that are not allowed.
    If you have a character in the company name that is not allowed, QuickBooks Online will start giving you some problems with page loading and errors.
    See What characters are acceptable in company names in QuickBooks Online? for a list of characters that are acceptable in your company name.
  • There are two or more adjacent dollar signs ($$, $$$, etc.) in any list or transaction data that would appear on the page that's not fully loading. 
    If you enter "College $$" for instance in the check window’s memo field, the register page will not load completely.
  • You are trying to access QuickBooks Online with more than one browser tab simultaneously.
    You may see blank pages if you signed in to the application separately in the additional tabs. Here's the correct way to work in more than one tab:
    1. While signed in to QuickBooks Online in one tab, go to the browser address bar, highlight then copy the entire web address.
    2. Open a new browser tab.
    3. Paste the web address into the new tab then press Enter. The home page of your company will now load in the new tab.

Note: If you are still experiencing pages that aren't fully loading after performing these troubleshooting steps, contact QuickBooks Online Customer Care.

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