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Fast, secure payments with smart invoicing & more

Create and send invoices that can be paid instantly. Everything's received, recorded and reconciled in QuickBooks.

Discover an easier way to manage payments

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    Send invoices that get noticed

    Create customised invoices featuring your logo and targeted promotions.

  • Cut out hours of admin

    QuickBooks automatically matches payments to invoices so your books are always balanced.

  • Give customers more way to pay

    Your customers can settle up instantly by debit or credit card using the ‘pay’ button on your invoice.

  • Speed up the payment process

    Create and send invoices on the go, add a button for faster payment and send automatic reminders.

  • Enjoy special rates

     Special PayPal rates and discounted iZettle card readers for QuickBooks customers.

  • Know what you're owed

    See at a glance which invoices are outstanding and which have been paid – in part or in full.

The right solutions for every type of business

Our partners cover recurring bills, point of sale purchases and online invoicing.

Contactless point of sale payments

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  • Accept card payments in person or over the phone
  • Discounted card reader for QuickBooks customers (£59 £19)
  • The smart alternative to cash
  • Add a link to your invoices
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic daily sales reports
  • Competitive rates
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Direct Debit and recurring payments

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  • Know when you'll be paid
  • Direct Debit guarantee
  • Effortless for customers
  • Low fees
  • Easy to set up
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Invoicing and card payments

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  • Accept card payments
  • Special rates
  • Customers don't need a PayPal account
  • Auto-reconcile payments
  • Only pay when you get paid
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Discover more payment solutions

Customers love getting paid with QuickBooks payments

    "A superb help to my business — invoicing and payments are so easy to send/view and accept."

    - App Store review

    "So simple to use – makes my life a lot easier as everything can be done literally within minutes."

    - App Store review

    "This has revolutionised my business. Saving me hours of admin every week."

    - App Store review

There’s a plan whatever your business needs

All plans include:

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Save 60% for 6 months
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Add on QuickBooks Online Payroll

£4 /mo

+£1 per paid employee /month

£8 /mo

+£1 per paid employee /month


Save 60% for 6 months
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Add on QuickBooks Online Payroll

£4 /mo

+£1 per paid employee /month

£8 /mo

+£1 per paid employee /month


Save 60% for 6 months
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Add on QuickBooks Online Payroll

£4 /mo

+£1 per paid employee /month

£8 /mo

+£1 per paid employee /month

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the first steps I need to take to make my business cash free?

    If you’re a bricks and mortar business you’ll need to an electronic point of sale device (epos system). The iZettle card reader integrates with QuickBooks and is available at a discounted rate for QuickBooks customers.
  • How can I save time by arranging an online invoice payment?

    Create invoices on the go and let your customers pay your QuickBooks invoice with PayPal. They don’t need a PayPal account and you won’t need to share your details. This is just one of the card payment solutions we offer.
  • Can I use any other mobile card reader with QuickBooks?

    Yes, QuickBooks has a wide range of partners offering these kind of merchant services. Visit the App Store to find out more.
  • Can I send recurring invoices from QuickBooks?

    Yes it’s easy to save time by setting up recurring invoices for repeat orders or subscriptions. Alternatively set up a GoCardless Direct Debit and your customer will pay you automatically and every payment is recorded in your QuickBooks account for you.