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Save time reviewing your clients' books
by eliminating manual data entry and
exporting directly into ProConnect Tax Online.

You’ll love saving time with Trial Balance.
Just like Kevin does.



"Remember losing hours copying data into Excel and creating a working
trial balance? Now you can get the same work done inside of a minute
with built-in Trial Balance. It’s amazing."


Kevin Simpson, CPA, Web Books LLC

Let Trial Balance accelerate your year-end book analysis.

Find out how you can use Trial Balance to eliminate manual data entry,
track progress, improve your accuracy—and more.


"The ability to make adjusting entries is incredible."

Laureen Falco, CPA, LLC


Eliminate the need to export data by comparing prior and current tax-year data side by side. Then record new activity in a separate Adjusting Entries field, which captures your changes directly to the books while preserving Trial Balance data.


Hear how Laureen uses it.


"The Activity Timeline is fast and efficient. I can see exactly what progress has been made."

Kevin Simpson, CPA, Web Books LLC


Use the Activity Timeline to review key information with just one click. Assign changes as an Adjusting Entry or Other Transaction and record it in Adjusted Books.


Hear how Kevin uses it.


"My favorite benefit is having all my documents in one place for easy access."

Laureen Falco, CPA, LLC


Add accountant-level notes and attachments for each account directly in Trial Balance, giving you a clear record of changes and an easy-to-follow paper trail for future reference.


Hear why Laureen loves it.


"You can run reports, do analysis, make sure it's correctly coming over to the tax return."

Kevin Simpson, CPA, Web Books LLC


Eliminate manual entry with Tax Mappings, which pre-populates account balances to specific tax lines, allowing you to easily review and re-assign data.


Hear how Kevin uses it.


"Exporting to Intuit Tax Online is a game-changer for me."

Kevin Simpson, CPA, Web Books LLC


Export data directly from QuickBooks to ProConnect Tax Online, a pioneering web-based professional tax software platform designed to save you time and money.


Hear how it benefits Kevin.


"Preserving the data gives you peace of mind and security, and knowing your numbers are not going to change."

Laureen Falco, CPA, LLC


Save your progress and preserve data in QuickBooks Online by selecting Update Unadjusted Balance and clicking Finish Review.


Hear how Laureen uses it.

Accountants are lightening their workload with Trial Balance.

Get to know two accountants who discovered the difference that faster, more accurate
year-end analysis can make during the busiest season.



"Trial Balance is fantastic for accountants because now we can do all the year-end work in one place right inside of QuickBooks Online."


— Kevin Simpson, CPA, Web Books LLC





"Trial Balance is so compact. Everything is in one screen, not scattered in Excel spreadsheets. I can make adjustments and do tax mapping right in QuickBooks!"


— Laureen Falco, CPA, LLC









Start using
Trial Balance now!


Join Kevin and Laureen by taking advantage of end-to-end tax prep built right into QuickBooks Online.


To get started, sign in to QuickBooks Online Accountant and look for the new TAX column, then select a client and click Start Review.

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  1. Get 25 Free Tax Returns (15 1040 returns + 10 business returns) from Intuit ProConnect Tax Online by calling (844)638-4571.  The offer is restricted to one redemption per ProConnect Tax Online account and may not be combined with any other offer.  Customers will need to provide a credit card to claim free returns online at; your credit card will not be charged.  No purchase required.  The offer is not applicable to current ProConnect Tax Online customers.  Offer ends at 6pm Central, January 31, 2016.