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5 Reasons to Hire a Small Business Accountant

Some business owners wait for a surge in their businesses before considering whether they need a small business accountant. This is a lot like waiting until you actually hear the roar of a mountain lion before you react—by then, it’s probably too late. As a business owner, it’s important to recognize early that you can’t do it all. Realizing quickly the benefits of hiring an accountant for small business bookkeeping could be key to your success.

Make Better Accounting Decisions

Whether you’re just starting out or trying to get to the next level, you often reach critical junctures requiring sound business decisions. In many cases, these decisions benefit from the perspective of an accounting professional who knows you, your business, what you are trying to accomplish, and the lay of the land.

As a startup, you must decide the best ownership structure for your business. At some point, you need to decide on an accounting system to use in your enterprise. When your business is growing quickly, it’s smart to have the insight of someone who understands financial forecasting for determining the best course of action.

Stay Out of Trouble

Most small business owners aren’t prepared for the layers of compliance the government imposes on them. Whether it’s payroll and employee compensation, accounting procedures, or business taxation, governmental regulations affect everything you do. A small business accountant can keep you from making costly mistakes. With an accountant monitoring your financial reports, you receive notice of potential problems more quickly, and get wise recommendations for taking the optimal steps in time.

Hire Accountant for Better Cash Flow

After recommending a suitable accounting system for your business, your accountant works with your bookkeeping staff to establish effective and efficient cash management procedures. Accountants set up billing systems that accelerate receivables and time payables to maximize cash on hand for their clients. They also find ways to make your cash on hand work harder in your business.

Prepare to Raise Capital

To get to the next level, most businesses need a capital infusion of some sort. Whether you seek investment capital or debt financing, an accountant is essential for preparing you to raise capital. As financial professionals, accountants are in the best position to assist you in preparing your business plan. They are the perfect consultants for advising you about seeking financing and performing the financial analysis you need for investors and lenders.

Focus on Your Vision

Many small business owners spend so much time working in their businesses, they have very little time to work on their businesses. While financial management of your business is necessary, it consumes time and does little in advancing your overall business strategy. But with an accountant on your team, you get back valuable time to work on growing your business.

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