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What Is Adventure Capital?

Are you an entrepreneur with a great startup idea you believe has never been done before? If so, seeking adventure capital might bring you the funding you need.

What Is Adventure Capital?

Similar to venture capital, adventure capital is funding that startup founders, small business owners and entrepreneurs receive when starting a new venture. What distinguishes adventure capital from venture capital is that you need it at the start of your project. Adventure capital is often connected with untested projects. And you’re more likely to receive adventure capital for startups involving humanitarian aid and development.

Are you working on a project such as creating the first social media platform for an underserved segment of the world’s population? Or is your company interested in developing a new product to help people in another country? Adventure capitalists could be your key funding source.

Adventure Capitalist Defined

An adventure capitalist is someone who invests in projects that traditional venture capitalists consider too risky for their funding. Finding this type of capitalist is harder than locating venture capitalists, and they may make a smaller investment than the typical venture capitalist because of the higher risk. Adventure capitalists are looking for exciting, innovative and unique business ventures, and they get involved at the earliest stages of a startup. Like venture capitalists, they offer industry knowledge, business management and marketing experience, and strong networks of support.

Potential Sources of Adventure Capital

As of 2018, most venture capital market activity takes place in Quebec and Ontario, with efforts to boost activity in areas including Vancouver and Alberta. Entities such as Brightspark Ventures and Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) may help you connect with adventure capitalists and offer financial opportunities as you look for individual investors and adventure capitalists during your early stages of project development.

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